contemporary art cultural architecture cultural heritage digital photo art experimental photography fine art Francesco Mercadante Italy painting photo art


FRANCESCO MERCADANTE // Francesco is both a painter and photographer, born in Cutro, Calabria, Italy. His love of the arts has been a constant companion in his life. He also has a way with words, and so we let him tell you about himself in words and in some of his art photographs from the […]

conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art Italy Mattia Bullo modern art photo art portrait art


MATTIA BULLO // Mattia is a film student based in Udine, Italy. He began to study photography as a part of his education and quickly fell in love with it. He specializes in black and white street photography, but is also looking to explore different genres in his photographic journey. He shared his series “$&1f_p0RTr.ait“, […]

conceptual photography Enzo Crispino fine art Italy photo art


ENZO CRISPINO // Enzo is an award-winning Italian artist/photographer with a great love of fine arts. His new project, The Sand of Time takes its inspiration from a poem of the same title by the great Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

analog photography conceptual photography contemporary art Federico M. Quintana fine art Italy portrait art


FEDERICO QUINTANA // Federico was born in Italy and is a widely travelled documentary photographer. He developed his career in photography between Argentina and the United States. Recently he has been exploring his own style of conceptual art photography. His project Sergei arose from this.

digital photo art experimental photography fine art Italy modern art photo art photo collage Valeria Cammareri


VALERIA CAMMARERI // Valeria is an Italian photographer based in Milano. Photography to her is a way of escaping reality. She likes being on the edge between reality and dream. The Pandemic gave her an opportunity to challenge herself with creative self-portraits. She calls this project a day-long dream.

contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Italy photo art Tina Cosmai


TINA COSMAI // Tina is an Italian artist who uses photography to create metaphysical scenarios, reflecting on the relationship between human and landscape in a post-human condition. We present her photo art project “Meriggio” (noon), with abstractions of photography from a small Ligurian town.