contemporary art digital photo art fine art light painting Lisa J. Brinkworth macro photography photo art still life photography United Kingdom


LISA J. BRINKWORTH // Lisa is from Cardiff, Wales and has been keen on photography since childhood with birds, wildlife and landscapes being her main focus. She has expanded her photographic interest to include still life and to play with coloured light, as in the series “Illuminations” we are presenting today.

Alicia Haber contemporary art fine art Li Mullen modern art museum painting photo art Uruguay USA


ALICIA HABER // Alicia is a Uruguayan art historian who has been a professor, researcher and curator. On a recent visit to Miami, Florida, she visited the Rubell Museum and was very impressed by its collection. She shared a series of her photographer´s gaze on the exhibitions that she found especially enticing.

Australia contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art macro photography photo art still life photography Sue Palmer


SUE PALMER // Sue is from Bisbane, Australia. She has always been passionate about photography but her main focus used to be family and travel. More recently, she has started experimenting with more creative styles of photography – including impressionist and abstract photography. We present a set of her glowing flower mandalas.

contemporary art digital photo art fine art infrared photography Jennie Blythe photo art United Kingdom


JENNIE BLYTHE // Jennie is from the United Kingdom, based in London. She has been a keen amateur photographer for around four years, experimenting across a range of genres and techniques. We continue our exploration of infrared photography with a feature of beautiful Scottish landscapes in infrared. 

Austria contemporary art digital photo art fine art infrared photography Klaudia Ratzinger photo art


KLAUDIA RATZINGER // Klaudia is an Austrian photographer with a passion for experimenting with different photographic processes. We present a selection of her stunning infrared landscape photography – Austrian landscapes made visible in a way the human eye cannot normally see it.

Anna Dyatlovskay contemporary art fine art Leanne Staples mixed media modern art photo art photo collage Russia


ANNA DYATLOVSKAY // Anna is a photographer and artist from Chernogorsk, Russia. Her principal medium are analog collages, digital art, stopmotion and animations. Her conceptual project “Iron Gambit” references a time during the Soviet Union´s history when sexuality was strongly repressed.