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NIKOLAUS GUFLER // Nikolaus is from Alto Adige/South Tyrol in Italy. Having begun photography in the analogue days, he took a break until the 2000s when he started over, with an interest in landscape photography that gradually expanded into other spheres. The photo art project he shared is based on Far Eastern philosophical concepts, but […]

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ALEXANDRA RUTHERFORD //Alexandra is a British artist based in Surrey, whose work blurs the boundaries between photography and artwork, always captured with a camera, and using ICM and multiple exposure techniques. The abstract photo art we present is from a series called “Surfboard Frenzy”.

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600 KM/H

WILFRID ROUFF // Wilfrid is a French photographer and conceptual artist. He consistently tries to achieve abstraction with photography. His series 600 km/h is a combination of speed and chance, put together in visually interesting collages.

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YANNIK STEIGER //Yannik is a photographer from Zürich, Switzerland, who works as a fulltime software engineer in the radio therapy area, writing applications for physicians. It was his wife who “infected” him with the photography virus, which he finds a perfect creative outlet. He shared a series of photographs from a performance by Circus Conelli […]

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ALESSANDRO IDINI //Alessandro is an Italian photographer based in Olbia, Italy, passionate about photography from childhood. Having graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he worked in fashion photography in Milan and Paris, later in sports journalism Fine art photography was something he picked up at the dawn of the new millennium. […]

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JEFF ROTHSTEIN //Jeff grew up in Brooklyn and is now living in Manhattan. He has been photographing the streets of New York City since the 1970s and has quite a few great catches to show for it. For Spectaculum Magazine, he put together a series of images focused on all the artists that can often […]