Have a series of arts photography to share? Submit below. But read the Terms and Conditions first.

Terms & Conditions

Our features are free of charge. However, we ask you to please follow our social media channels if you have a social media presence (our Instagram gallery, our Twitter account, and our Facebook page). We now also have a presence on Vero and encourage you to visit and follow us there.

You authorise Spectaculum Magazine to collect the information on your project, as well as your full name, country, social media accounts and, if applicable, your website. We do not share this information with others. It is only used by us for the purpose of curating and preparing content for this website and on all our social media platforms, including posts, videos, reels, etc. By submitting your images for a feature you agree that we may present them on all of our outreach platforms.

Copyright of the image remains with you as the photographer at all times. You verify that you own the rights to these photographs. You certify that this work is not in any way plagiarised or copied from any source. You do not in any way release or relinquish your copyright by publication in Spectaculum Mag, neither will your photos be used for any other purpose except for publication in the magazine and the promotional materials related to the magazine (Instagram, Facebook, other social media announcements, etc.). Any other possible use of the material is first discussed with the author on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the author’s prior written approval.

You understand that you shall not be paid, reimbursed, compensated, or given any royalties for these images now, or at any time in the future by Spectaculum Magazine or its curator(s). You understand that you will need to follow Spectaculum Magazine on Instagram to be considered for a feature.

If you wish your photos and information to be withdrawn from the website at any time, please put it in writing via email to us. We have the right to remove your feature from the website at any time.

If you submit your photography for consideration, you confirm that you have read these terms & conditions.

Not sure what we are looking for?

The focus here is on photography. Your image must be a photo of the arts or be photo art. What does that mean? It should be or be related to the traditional photographic capture process (camera, pinhole camera, cyanotype, etc.). Optically captured subjects (photographed by you) should be present in your image. They can be digitally (or otherwise) manipulated, but must be clearly definable as photographic work.

If your image is a painting or drawing or just a picture of a painting without human interaction, that is not really what we want.

Concretely we are interested in the following types of photography:

  • documentary type photos of people making, admiring or interacting with any of the arts (e.g. in museums, theatres, concert halls, outdoor venues with public art, street performers, street art, circus, arts related to cultural heritage, etc.);
  • photo art (artworks using photography as the medium).

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