Bahrain cultural architecture cultural heritage documentary photography Nahid Sultana theatre


NAHID SULTANA // Nahid is a passionate photography enthusiast based in Bahrain. She excels at capturing the beautiful landscapes, both urban and rural, and the people she encounters in her environment. For the beginning of the Muslim fasting month Ramadan, we are pleased to share Nahid´s beautiful images of the architecture of the Bahrain Grand […]

abstract photography Alexandra Rutherford contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art light painting photo art United Kingdom


ALEXANDRA RUTHERFORD //Alexandra is a British artist based in Surrey, whose work blurs the boundaries between photography and artwork, always captured with a camera, and using ICM and multiple exposure techniques. The abstract photo art we present is from a series called “Surfboard Frenzy”.

contemporary art Elizabeth Koetje portrait photography South Africa


ELIZABETH KOETJE // Elizabeth is a South African artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her photography ranges from portraiture to still life, conceptual, and documentary photography. For International Women´s Day 2023, we are very pleased to share a set of portraits of South African women from her book “Born Free in South Africa – Nelson […]

abstract photography Barbara Pece contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Italy modern art photo art


BARBARA PECE // Barbara is a photographer from Mantua, Italy. After living for many years in Genoa, she returned to her birth place. Her study curriculum was based on the arts, and she is a graduate in scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. She became a full time artist in 2006. In […]

abstract photography experimental photography fine art Floriana Avellino Italy light painting


FLORIANA AVELLINO // Floriana is a self-taught photographer from Northern Italy, based in Milan. She is interested in all genres of photography and has been playing with experimental photography. She shared with us an arty take on the spectacular Christmas light projections around the city walls of Como, a lakeside city in Northern Italy.

cultural heritage experimental photography fine art Greece Lia Mageira street performance theatre


LIA MAGEIRA // Lia is a self-taught Greek photographer, based in Athens, with a background in art. As a physiotherapist, she is always interested in humans and emotions. Lia shared with us photo series about an annual re-enactment battle spectacle in the Greek Spetses Island.