conceptual photography documentary photography Poland Wojciech Karliński


WOJCIECH KARLIŃSKI // Wojciech is a Polish photographer living in Kielce, Poland. He has been photographing from a very young age. In his personal work, he touches on the meaning of the human condition in urban spaces. Simple and obvious things can be beautiful or poetic. This is clearly visible in his series “Here”, where ordinary […]

abstract photography conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Marc van der Marck modern art Netherlands photo art


MARC VAN DER MARCK // Marc is a Dutch photo artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born in Swalmen, he now lives and works in the capital. He has been active as a visual artist for fifty years. We present his very colourful abstract series “Painted Words”.

Andrea Borin conceptual photography fine art Italy modern art New Zealand Nika Pailodze photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANDREA BORIN //Andrea was born in Italy but has been living in New Zealand since 2010. In his works he uses photography as a poetic and metaphorical language. He shared a self-portrait series that he calls “The Self and its Doubles”.

conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art Italy landscape photography Nella Tarantino Paola Francesca Barone


PAOLA FRANCESCA BARONE // Paola Francesca is of Apulian and Arbereshe origin, Neapolitan by adoption. She studied philosophy and has always been passionate about photography, which she taught herself. Her feelings about the digitalisation of the world are conflictive, and she translated them into a conceptual series called “Dwelling in the Infosphere”.

abstract photography conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art fine art Italy Polaroid photography Tina Salipante


TINA SALIPANTE // Tina is from Italy, a trained archeologist and student of history and humanism, something that also has influenced what she communicates through photography. In her photo series “Transeunte” she tackles the concept of the passage of time and the transitory nature of existence.

conceptual photography Giada Calamida Italy performing arts


GIADA CALAMIDA // Giada is based in Imbersago, near Milan, Italy. She particularly enjoys reportage/documentary photography, capturing moments that tell stories. This time Giada shared a set of photos of a project she calls 19. 19 as the year when it all began, 19 as in Covid, 19 as in the stories she wants to […]