analog photography conceptual photography fine art Italy Mario Ermoli photo art


MARIO ERMOLI // Mario is a photographer/artist from Milan, who began his professional photography activity in 1989 with portraits of Italian actors in the world of theatre. While he continues portrait work to this day, he also loves still life photography and has shared a set of images from his conceptual still-life series “Analog Nature”.

conceptual photography contemporary art fine art Gabriele Gentile Italy modern art photo art portrait art


GABRIELE GENTILE // Gabriele Gentile was born in Parma, Italy, where he completed his studies in the humanities and communication fields. He approached digital photography in his thirties, fascinated by the “magical power” of this artistic medium, finding it unique in fixing a moment and making it eternal. We present his colourful project “Denier”.

conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art Italy Mattia Bullo modern art photo art portrait art


MATTIA BULLO // Mattia is a film student based in Udine, Italy. He began to study photography as a part of his education and quickly fell in love with it. He specializes in black and white street photography, but is also looking to explore different genres in his photographic journey. He shared his series “$&1f_p0RTr.ait“, […]

conceptual photography Enzo Crispino fine art Italy photo art


ENZO CRISPINO // Enzo is an award-winning Italian artist/photographer with a great love of fine arts. His new project, The Sand of Time takes its inspiration from a poem of the same title by the great Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

conceptual photography digital photo art experimental photography fine art India Madhur Dhingra painting photo art Tony Remartinez


MADHUR DHINGRA // Madhur is a photographer based in New Delhi, India, who professionally shoots for advertising agencies in Delhi, specializing in product photography. His main area of interest, however, lies in photographing people and processing the images in an abstract impressionist style. We present some of his series “Sūnyatā – The Ultimate Void”.

acting conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art England fine art Li Mullen photo art portrait art


LI MULLEN // Li is an Irish born, London based photographer and artist. Li’s passion for photography started at a young age. She now works as a freelancer for the arts/culture and fashion industries, documenting backstage life, events and exhibitions, but she also engages creatively with (self) portrait photography. We share a set of artistically […]