conceptual photography contemporary art fine art Jesibel Fernandez macro photography nature art Paraguay photo art still life photography


JESIBEL FERNÁNDEZ //Jesibel was born and raised in the interior of Paraguay, living on farms, far from almost everything. Until last year she lived a nomatic life. She has always been an admirer of nature and all that it implies. Photography entered her life when she won a digital camera in 2010. We present a […]

Andy Abraham Canada conceptual photography contemporary art Datlas Erre Elizabeth Koetje experimental photography photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANDY ABRAHAM // Andy is a self-taught photographer, writer, and poet, based in Oakville, Canada. He is passionate about earth science, the environment, and biodiversity, and is constantly learning to understand today’s continuum of social and mental health issues. For him, photography is an extension of his never-ending interest in the world around him, his […]

abstract photography Biju Ramankutty conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art India


BIJU RAMANKUTTY // Biju is a fine art photographer from Kerala, India, and one of the founding trustees and trust member of the museum of photography PhotoMuse. His love of photography started when working as senior research fellow on a fish ecology project in the Western Ghats of India. We present some photos from his […]

conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art France Jean-Pierre Baud light painting photo art Wilfrid Rouff

600 KM/H

WILFRID ROUFF // Wilfrid is a French photographer and conceptual artist. He consistently tries to achieve abstraction with photography. His series 600 km/h is a combination of speed and chance, put together in visually interesting collages.

Austria conceptual photography contemporary art fine art photo art Sebastian Fröhlich still life photography


SEBASTIAN FRÖHLICH //Sebastian is a trained filmmaker from Vienna, Austria, with a love and passion for photography. He has worked on both national and international film and photography projects. After several years of professional experience in food photography and graphic design, the time has come for him to give more space to his own ideas […]

conceptual photography documentary photography Poland Wojciech Karliński


WOJCIECH KARLIŃSKI // Wojciech is a Polish photographer living in Kielce, Poland. He has been photographing from a very young age. In his personal work, he touches on the meaning of the human condition in urban spaces. Simple and obvious things can be beautiful or poetic. This is clearly visible in his series “Here”, where ordinary […]