Antonis Giakoumakis digital photo art fine art Greece landscape photography modern art museum photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANTONIS GIAKOUMAKIS // Antonis is from Chania, Crete and now lives in Chalandri, Attica. He uses his camera to tell stories about life and art. An active member of the Greek phtography group Photopia, he is intensively involved in photography. We are pleased to feature his Trilogy series entitled “Homo, Mare, Terrae” (Human, Sea, Land).

Andy Abraham Canada conceptual photography contemporary art Datlas Erre Elizabeth Koetje experimental photography photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANDY ABRAHAM // Andy is a self-taught photographer, writer, and poet, based in Oakville, Canada. He is passionate about earth science, the environment, and biodiversity, and is constantly learning to understand today’s continuum of social and mental health issues. For him, photography is an extension of his never-ending interest in the world around him, his […]

contemporary art Datlas Erre Italy portrait art portrait photography


DATLAS ERRE // Datlas is a Neapolitan photographer with an interest in contemporary art from a very young age. A Dramatic Art graduate from the V. Bellini Academy in Naples, Italy, he has worked as an actor and assistant director in various theatre companies, curated graphic sections for emerging artists of the Italian music scene, […]

analog photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art Germany Joe Cabrio photo art portrait art portrait photography


JOE CABRIO // Joe is based in Muensterland, Germany. While he began with digital photography, he switched completely to analog photography some three years ago. He has accumulated quite a collection of old analog cameras and has tried out many different films. We present a set of rather painterly looking photos taken on a Kiev […]

contemporary art Elizabeth Koetje portrait photography South Africa


ELIZABETH KOETJE // Elizabeth is a South African artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her photography ranges from portraiture to still life, conceptual, and documentary photography. For International Women´s Day 2023, we are very pleased to share a set of portraits of South African women from her book “Born Free in South Africa – Nelson […]

analog photography Christian Heidebur contemporary art experimental photography fine art Germany photo art portrait art portrait photography


CHRISTIAN HEIDEBUR // Christian is a self-taught photographer, based in Munich, Germany. Photography for him is a way to be in touch with his environment and nature, a way of being mindful. He enjoys the challenge of creating interesting double and multiple exposures, something he has put to excellent use in this artful portrait series.