contemporary art Datlas Erre Italy portrait art portrait photography


DATLAS ERRE // Datlas is a Neapolitan photographer with an interest in contemporary art from a very young age. A Dramatic Art graduate from the V. Bellini Academy in Naples, Italy, he has worked as an actor and assistant director in various theatre companies, curated graphic sections for emerging artists of the Italian music scene, […]

contemporary art Country Daniela Casale documentary photography fine art Italy museum painting sculpture


DANIELA CASALE //Daniela is based in Rome, Italy. She teaches mathematics and physics in a scientific high school. Her passion for photography was born four years ago, and it made her appreciate the arts even more than before, as it developed her eye for beauty. She shared a documentary series that she photographed at two […]

acting circus Gabriele Tartoni Italy performing arts


YANNIK STEIGER //Yannik is a photographer from Zürich, Switzerland, who works as a fulltime software engineer in the radio therapy area, writing applications for physicians. It was his wife who “infected” him with the photography virus, which he finds a perfect creative outlet. He shared a series of photographs from a performance by Circus Conelli […]

abstract photography Alessandro Idini contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography Federico di Chiara fine art Italy modern art photo art


ALESSANDRO IDINI //Alessandro is an Italian photographer based in Olbia, Italy, passionate about photography from childhood. Having graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he worked in fashion photography in Milan and Paris, later in sports journalism Fine art photography was something he picked up at the dawn of the new millennium. […]

abstract photography Barbara Pece contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Italy modern art photo art


BARBARA PECE // Barbara is a photographer from Mantua, Italy. After living for many years in Genoa, she returned to her birth place. Her study curriculum was based on the arts, and she is a graduate in scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. She became a full time artist in 2006. In […]

abstract architecture abstract photography contemporary art cultural architecture fine art Giuliano Vollaro Italy


GIULIANO VOLLARO // Giuliano is based in Naples, Italy. Always attracted by art and in particular by music, he studied arts at the University of Bologna. In his home city Naples the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage is a continuous source of inspiration. This series show the interior of a Neapolitan hospital´s cancer ward. The […]