contemporary art digital photo art fine art Italy Valentina Piacenza


VALENTINA PIACENZA // Valentina is a photographer based in Milano, Italy. She discovered her creative vein when she began strolling around with her camera. Photography, to her, is a way to show others – without words – how she sees the world. Some of her views are astoundingly beautiful, so we have prepared a collection […]

cultural architecture cultural heritage Floriana Avellino Italy Stefan Tilburgs


FLORIANA AVELLINO // Floriana is a self-taught photographer from Lissone, Northern Italy. She is interested in the patterns and details of architecture, much as she is interested in observing human nature and people´s emotions. She found much beauty in the small Ligurian town of Porto Maurizio and shared a series of architectural views of the […]

contemporary art Country cultural heritage fine art Italy museum painting Simone Batini


SIMONE BATINI // Simone was born in Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy. His great passion for photography led him to dedicate himself to several series of photos of his home region´s places, landscapes, and people. Simone shared a series on an exhibition in Lucca, where a large exhibition of paintings from the 17th century is currently […]

Alma Bibolotti contemporary art digital photo art fine art Italy photo art


ALMA BIBOLOTTI // Alma Bibolotti is a photographer/artist from Bari in Southern Italy. Photography is an inner travel, her own way of dealing with emotions. Liquid entropy: the floating world is part of her ongoing project based on nature and offers a glimpse into Alma´s exploration of water textures and shapes as a subject.

analog photography conceptual photography fine art Italy Mario Ermoli photo art still life photography


MARIO ERMOLI // Mario is a photographer/artist from Milan, who began his professional photography activity in 1989 with portraits of Italian actors in the world of theatre. While he continues portrait work to this day, he also loves still life photography and has shared a set of images from his conceptual still-life series “Analog Nature”.

conceptual photography contemporary art fine art Gabriele Gentile Italy modern art photo art portrait art


GABRIELE GENTILE // Gabriele Gentile was born in Parma, Italy, where he completed his studies in the humanities and communication fields. He approached digital photography in his thirties, fascinated by the “magical power” of this artistic medium, finding it unique in fixing a moment and making it eternal. We present his colourful project “Denier”.