abstract photography Alessandro Idini contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography Federico di Chiara fine art Italy modern art photo art


ALESSANDRO IDINI //Alessandro is an Italian photographer based in Olbia, Italy, passionate about photography from childhood. Having graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he worked in fashion photography in Milan and Paris, later in sports journalism Fine art photography was something he picked up at the dawn of the new millennium. […]

abstract architecture abstract photography contemporary art cultural architecture fine art Giuliano Vollaro Italy


GIULIANO VOLLARO // Giuliano is based in Naples, Italy. Always attracted by art and in particular by music, he studied arts at the University of Bologna. In his home city Naples the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage is a continuous source of inspiration. This series show the interior of a Neapolitan hospital´s cancer ward. The […]

abstract photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography Federico di Chiara fine art Italy modern art photo art


FEDERICO DI CHIARA // Federico was born in Carrara, Italy. A professional chef, he also has a deep passion for art, having grown up in a city that attracts artists from all over the world, so Federico has been exposed to this ambiente all his life. His own art is expressed through photography. He shared […]

abstract photography experimental photography fine art Floriana Avellino Italy light painting


FLORIANA AVELLINO // Floriana is a self-taught photographer from Northern Italy, based in Milan. She is interested in all genres of photography and has been playing with experimental photography. She shared with us an arty take on the spectacular Christmas light projections around the city walls of Como, a lakeside city in Northern Italy.

contemporary art fine art Italy landscape photography photo art Pietro D'Ambrosio


PIETRO D’AMBROSIO // Pietro lives in a small town in Calabria in Southern Italy, working as a professional photographer, but also privately passionate about the medium. He shared a series of his vision of the sea, enriched by poetry by Clara D’Ambrosio.

cultural heritage Elisa Mariotti fine art Italy portrait photography


ELISA MARIOTTI // Elisa is from Bibbiena, Tuscany in Italy. A scientist by training, she began photographing without formal training, and printing her own pictures. The magic framer” is a series she took in the workshop of her favourite framer, Roberto, in 2022. She spent three days with him while preparing an exhibition.