abstract architecture abstract photography contemporary art cultural architecture fine art Giuliano Vollaro Italy


GIULIANO VOLLARO // Giuliano is based in Naples, Italy. Always attracted by art and in particular by music, he studied arts at the University of Bologna. In his home city Naples the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage is a continuous source of inspiration. This series show the interior of a Neapolitan hospital´s cancer ward. The […]

contemporary art Country documentary photography fine art Italy Luca Sorato museum painting Simone Batini


LUCA SORATO // Luca is from Venice, Italy. He has a passion for documentary and street photography, with an interesting in capturing people in their everyday life. This also includes people visiting galleries and exhibitions, and so we have put together a selection of pictures in which Luca has documented people admiring pictures in Italian […]

cultural heritage Des Mullan documentary photography fine art Ireland landscape photography


DES MULLAN // Des is a photographer from Dublin, Ireland. With an eduction in Visual Communication, with a specialisation in graphic design and photography, his current job as a film director means that he tends to use his camera in preproduction to scope out the angles and compositions of scenes. But he also uses the […]

abstract photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography Federico di Chiara fine art Italy modern art photo art


FEDERICO DI CHIARA // Federico was born in Carrara, Italy. A professional chef, he also has a deep passion for art, having grown up in a city that attracts artists from all over the world, so Federico has been exposed to this ambiente all his life. His own art is expressed through photography. He shared […]

conceptual photography documentary photography Poland Wojciech Karliński


WOJCIECH KARLIŃSKI // Wojciech is a Polish photographer living in Kielce, Poland. He has been photographing from a very young age. In his personal work, he touches on the meaning of the human condition in urban spaces. Simple and obvious things can be beautiful or poetic. This is clearly visible in his series “Here”, where ordinary […]

analog photography cultural heritage David Gilbert Wright England masks and costumes performing arts street performance theatre United Kingdom


DAVID GILBERT WRIGHT // David has been in photography for nearly 50 years. He specialises in documentary photography and works on long-term projects, including the one he shared with us about the York Mystery Plays, which re-enact scenes from the Bible.