contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Janet Murphy landscape photography nature art painting photo art photo collage United Kingdom


JANET MURPHY //Janet is from the United Kingdom, now based in Somerset. She trained as a Textile Designer and her photoart revolves around textures, surface patterns and blending her own photographic images with mixed media, collage and gold leaf. We present some images from her series of expressionist landscape art from woodland sanctuaries.

Antonis Giakoumakis digital photo art fine art Greece landscape photography modern art museum photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANTONIS GIAKOUMAKIS // Antonis is from Chania, Crete and now lives in Chalandri, Attica. He uses his camera to tell stories about life and art. An active member of the Greek phtography group Photopia, he is intensively involved in photography. We are pleased to feature his Trilogy series entitled “Homo, Mare, Terrae” (Human, Sea, Land).

conceptual photography contemporary art fine art Jesibel Fernandez macro photography nature art Paraguay photo art still life photography


JESIBEL FERNÁNDEZ //Jesibel was born and raised in the interior of Paraguay, living on farms, far from almost everything. Until last year she lived a nomatic life. She has always been an admirer of nature and all that it implies. Photography entered her life when she won a digital camera in 2010. We present a […]

abstract architecture abstract photography contemporary art Country cultural architecture DH Dowling fine art Hans Verduin Lorenzo Vitali Lucas Garcete Paraguay Spain


LORENZO VITALI // Lorenzo is a photographer based in Milan, Italy. His photography leans towards the symbolic and abstract. The photos in this article are from a series of abstract photographs of the stunning architecture of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Adrian McGarry contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art photo art United Kingdom


ADRIAN McGARRY //Adrian was born in Manchester and now lives in North Wales, UK. He has been taking photos most of his life and and has been creating digital art for over thirty years. In his series “Urban Echoes”, he uses multiple exposure techniques to create layered scenes from city streets.

Andy Abraham Canada conceptual photography contemporary art Datlas Erre Elizabeth Koetje experimental photography photo art portrait art portrait photography


ANDY ABRAHAM // Andy is a self-taught photographer, writer, and poet, based in Oakville, Canada. He is passionate about earth science, the environment, and biodiversity, and is constantly learning to understand today’s continuum of social and mental health issues. For him, photography is an extension of his never-ending interest in the world around him, his […]