conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art France Jean-Pierre Baud light painting photo art


JEAN-PIERRE BAUD // Jean-Pierre is a photographer based in Nantes, France. In this series he took photos in the Parisian streets using long-term exposure to create artistic images corresponding to his concept of showing the passage of time and the loneliness people can feel in an urban environment.

contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art France light painting macro photography Martine Lemarchand photo art


MARTINE LEMARCHAND // Martine creates seemingly distant worlds, even as she stays at home with her camera. Her photographs are taken at a macro-level, images that have an ethereal cosmic appearance, but that originated from what she refers to as “culinary experiences”.

Australia contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art light painting photo art Tina Stenford


TINA STENFORD // Tina is an Australian photographer who enjoys experimenting with her camera. As a self-taught artist and having travelled extensively, photography is a natural way of documenting all that inspires her. Abstract photography features prominently in her work. We are pleased to share a set of her series of photography of light through […]

Australia contemporary art fine art Melanie Meggs modern art museum


MELANIE MEGGS // Melanie is from Newcastle, Australia. Art has always been a big part of her life, having studied Fine Arts and majored in printmaking and painting. This year, during the Queensland winter, she had a chance to visit the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to see the special exhibition of European Masterpieces […]

analog photography conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art Natàlia Muñoz photo art Spain


NATALIA MUÑOZ // Natàlia Muñoz is an analog photographer from Barcelona, Spain. What started as a hobby has become like therapy for her. Photography helps her to slow down, to relax, to forget about her worries and focus on the beauty around her. She shared one of her projects called “Human connection”.

Australia Cheryl Nancarrow contemporary art dance digital photo art experimental photography fine art performing arts photo art


CHERYL NANCARROW // Cheryl is based in Australia and had the opportunity to attend and photograph the Annual National Body Painting Festival in Cooroy, Queensland, a few years ago. It was a special opportunity, as Covid-19 threw a wrench into the organisation of last year´s festival, and Cheryl is glad she was able to document […]