abstract photography Biju Ramankutty conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art India


BIJU RAMANKUTTY // Biju is a fine art photographer from Kerala, India, and one of the founding trustees and trust member of the museum of photography PhotoMuse. His love of photography started when working as senior research fellow on a fish ecology project in the Western Ghats of India. We present some photos from his […]

abstract photography dance documentary photography experimental photography fine art Georgia modern art photo art Sergey Areshev


SERGEY ARESHEV // Sergey was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Photography has always been a fascinating subject to him, and so he became a freelance photographer focusing on sports for some European agencies, but Sergey mostly prefers to take images that go beyond the documentary reportage. Because of his past experiences, he tries to focus on […]

Belgium contemporary art Elisa Baudino fine art Magi Jansen Pascal Mannaerts photo art


PASCAL MANNAERTS // Pascal is a photographer from Brussels, Belgium. The initial spark for his photography were his travels, paired with curiosity and a passion for images, with a profound attraction to the human element. The chiaroscuro series he shared, though from different parts of the world, is united by a special focus on light […]