cultural architecture documentary photography France Jean Paul Soujol


JEAN PAUL SOUJOL // Jean Paul is based in a small town in Provence, France. He has been practicing photography for more than a decade. In a constant search for creativity and inspiration he started with landscape photography and moved towards minimalism with long exposure, square format and now towards abstraction with a plastic approach. […]

Bahrain cultural architecture cultural heritage documentary photography Nahid Sultana theatre


NAHID SULTANA // Nahid is a passionate photography enthusiast based in Bahrain. She excels at capturing the beautiful landscapes, both urban and rural, and the people she encounters in her environment. For the beginning of the Muslim fasting month Ramadan, we are pleased to share Nahid´s beautiful images of the architecture of the Bahrain Grand […]

Bahrain cultural architecture cultural heritage museum Nahid Sultana theatre


NAHID SULTANA // Nahid is a passionate amateur photography enthusiast based in Bahrain. She loves capturing all types of images. Her approach to photography is instinctual and based on her feelings. The cultural institutions of Bahrain in black and white are her tribute to her country´s cultural history.

cultural architecture cultural heritage Floriana Avellino Italy


FLORIANA AVELLINO // Floriana is a self-taught photographer from Lissone, Northern Italy. She is interested in the patterns and details of architecture, much as she is interested in observing human nature and people´s emotions. She found much beauty in the small Ligurian town of Porto Maurizio and shared a series of architectural views of the […]

Charlie Waffen contemporary art cultural architecture cultural heritage France museum sculpture


CHARLIE WAFFEN // Charlie is a French photographer who enjoys taking his camera on walks for documentary type photography, whether it is in the streets of Paris or while travelling to near and far places. Photography allows him to dive into the world of creativity, as an observer but also as a creator. He shared […]

Belgium cultural architecture Germany museum Stefan Tilburgs


STEFAN TILBURGS // Stefan is a Belgian graphic designer and photographer with more than twenty years of experience in the advertising and marketing world. His passions are design, photography, architecture and running his own design studio. When he visited the Museum Küppersmühle in Duisburg, he was most struck by the architecture.