analog photography dance France Hazel Hankin performing arts


HAZEL HANKIN // Hazel Hankin, a Brooklyn native now living in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, began her photographic career in the 1970s. Her work combines elements of fine art, documentary, and street photography. We are proud to present some of her photos from her long-term series about the Latin and swing dance scene in New […]

dance France Matteo Stulo performing arts


MATTEO STULO // Matteo is an amateur photographer based in Paris, France, and his passion for photography began as a young adult living in Istanbul, Turkey. He shared a series of photographs from a modern dance performance, which was choreographed to Ravel’s Bolero, combining traditional East African dances and contemporary dance.

dance France Nathan Benkemoun performing arts


NATHAN BENKEMOUN // Nathan was born in Nice and is now based in Paris. As a photographer he is mainly attracted to showing daily life and people´s interaction with their environment through intimate, sometimes absurd or even banal scenes, taken in the street or in open spaces. For this series though, he went up high: […]

contemporary art cultural heritage England Mish Aminoff music performing arts


MISH AMINOFF // Mish has been fascinated by visual arts, encompassing fine art, fashion design and photography, since childhood. Based in London, U.K., she both participates in and documents the Afro-Cuban music scene there. Her vibrant photos from the Afro-Cuban music scene show the joy (and colours) of music perfectly.

contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Greece Natassa Kouri photo art


NATASSA KOURI // In Natassa´s opinion a photo contains moments in time and a lot of searching. With this series she wanted to create a dialogue between youth and beauty, the beauty of nature and the beauty of a young woman, drawing a parallel between the shapes of lilies and the female body. She calls […]

contemporary art Cuba dance Pedro Vidal performing arts


PEDRO VIDAL //Pedro, who is from Brazil and now based in Spain, decided to become a photographer because of ballet, inspired by the magnificence of dance performances. But it is during his backstage work that he finds true fulfillment. Pedro shared with us an astounding set showing dancers from the Cuban National Ballet on and […]