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PAMELA HANLAN // Pam came to photography late in life. Based in the Eastern United States, she was busy with family life until quite recently, when she discovered a talent for photography that she never suspected she had. Pam´s quirky portraits are meant to be reminiscent of the portraits of Dutch masters from long ago. […]


ADAM SINCLAIR // Adam is a Melbourne-based photographer with a background in graphic design. He has an eye for capturing beautiful details in ordinary objects in his environment. The images he submitted though, are from one of his rarer shoots, a concert event that he captured shortly after the end of one of the pandemic […]


PETRA JAENICKE // Petra is an experimental photography artist based in Fränkisch-Crumbach, Germany. She studied both media design and photography and is now a full-time artist exhibited in and represented by multiple modern art galleries. We present a set of her artworks from the series “Beyond Certain”.


LENA SIOPI // Lena was born and still lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. After studying photography for two years and expanding her knowledge through art, she developed her own photographic journey, which she continues to expand and experiment with. We share one of her project´s of photo art entitled “Past Lives”.


VALERIA CAMMARERI // Valeria is an Italian photographer based in Milano. Photography to her is a way of escaping reality. She likes being on the edge between reality and dream. The Pandemic gave her an opportunity to challenge herself with creative self-portraits. She calls this project a day-long dream.


SHELBY ALEXANDER // Born in Adelaide, Australia, Shelby is a documentary and street photographer based in Bristol. Her project “One Night with Elvis” is a documentary of one of the quirky and entertaining Elvis festivals in the U.K., with impersonators doing their best impressions of their rock and roll idol.


THE SMC_ROMANTICLANDSCAPE PHOTO CHALLENGE // We had some wonderful submissions to our second Instagram photo challenge, where we asked photographers to share their “romantic” (as in Romanticism) landscape photographs. We selected 20 favourites.


LIA MAGEIRA // Lia is a self-taught Greek travel photographer with a background in art. Professionally she has a degree in physiotherapy, and she likes to focus on humans and emotions. Lia shared with us some impressions from the most important Greek antiquity collection at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Classical Indian dancers on stage


RAJ LAXMI SINGH // Raj Laxmi is a photographer from India based in Delhi who greatly loves immersing herself emotionally and visually in the performing arts of her country. She has shared a set of magical captures from Indian classical dance performances.


TINA COSMAI // Tina is an Italian artist who uses photography to create metaphysical scenarios, reflecting on the relationship between human and landscape in a post-human condition. We present her photo art project “Meriggio” (noon), with abstractions of photography from a small Ligurian town.


ELIZABETH HOLMES // Elizabeth is a New York-based artist and photographer. She uses alternative and digital processes to capture vanishing and cultural landscapes through her photography and paintings. She thinks of her images as metaphors for our inner experiences, which tell us who we are. She shared with us a set of dreamy images of […]


MAJA STRGAR KURECIC // Maja has been a fine art photographer and university professor of photography for almost 25 years. Her work is widely exhibited and published, and her recent projects have won many awards. We are thrilled to present an excerpt from her Floating Garden series.

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