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JEAN-PIERRE BAUD // Jean-Pierre is a photographer based in Nantes, France. In this series he took photos in the Parisian streets using long-term exposure to create artistic images corresponding to his concept of showing the passage of time and the loneliness people can feel in an urban environment.


MARTINE LEMARCHAND // Martine creates seemingly distant worlds, even as she stays at home with her camera. Her photographs are taken at a macro-level, images that have an ethereal cosmic appearance, but that originated from what she refers to as “culinary experiences”.


ABBIE BRIGGS // Abbie is a self taught photographer from Madison, WI. She began her journey in photography as a sort of therapy and soon found her fit in self portraiture. In addition to creating her own art, she has been earning a living as a portrait photographer since 2020. We present a set of […]


GEORG REITER // Georg is primarily a landscape and architecture photographer, but also does travel photography. His main concerns are to capture a mood and certain formal criteria. When travelling through Cuba, he came upon many musicians, and we are pleased to share a set of his vibrant musician portraits.


TINA STENFORD // Tina is an Australian photographer who enjoys experimenting with her camera. As a self-taught artist and having travelled extensively, photography is a natural way of documenting all that inspires her. Abstract photography features prominently in her work. We are pleased to share a set of her series of photography of light through […]


VICTOR SKURAT // Victor is a Minsk based photographer shooting mostly in black and white. His goal is to catch that fleeting beauty and the aesthetics of people and life around him. We are pleased to show a photo art series that is different from scenes he usually captures – he calls it “Mirrorness”.

© MELANIE MEGGS - From her series on the exhibition "European Masterpieces" at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art


MELANIE MEGGS // Melanie is from Newcastle, Australia. Art has always been a big part of her life, having studied Fine Arts and majored in printmaking and painting. This year, during the Queensland winter, she had a chance to visit the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to see the special exhibition of European Masterpieces […]


CHARLIE WAFFEN // Charlie is a French photographer who enjoys taking his camera on walks for documentary type photography, whether it is in the streets of Paris or while travelling to near and far places. Photography allows him to dive into the world of creativity, as an observer but also as a creator. He shared […]


NATALIA MUÑOZ // Natàlia Muñoz is an analog photographer from Barcelona, Spain. What started as a hobby has become like therapy for her. Photography helps her to slow down, to relax, to forget about her worries and focus on the beauty around her. She shared one of her projects called “Human connection”.


STEFAN TILBURGS // Stefan is a Belgian graphic designer and photographer with more than twenty years of experience in the advertising and marketing world. His passions are design, photography, architecture and running his own design studio. When he visited the Museum Küppersmühle in Duisburg, he was most struck by the architecture.


SOFIA DALAMAGKA // Sofia is from Lamia, but now lives in Arkitsa, a tiny village in Greece. Photography began as a kind of love story that still continues to give her that feeling today. She defines her photo art as feminist, dealing with questions around social issues. We present some of her poetic project she […]


ANDY PIEREN // Andy is dedicated to improving the health of people by day, and a passionate photographer in his spare time. He loves all kinds of photography, preferring not to be pigeonholed into a particular category. One of the things that are most enjoyable to him is watching and documenting people interact with art. […]

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