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LIA MAGEIRA // Lia is a self-taught Greek photographer, based in Athens, with a background in art. As a physiotherapist, she is always interested in humans and emotions. Lia shared with us photo series about an annual re-enactment battle spectacle in the Greek Spetses Island.


MARC VAN DER MARCK // Marc is a Dutch photo artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born in Swalmen, he now lives and works in the capital. He has been active as a visual artist for fifty years. We present his very colourful abstract series “Painted Words”.


ANNA BOLT // Anna was born in Salzburg, Austria and continues to live and work there. In her photography she is interested in structures, shapes, colours, landscapes. She shared one of her series where she takes a closer look at the textures and hues of meadow flowers, as she sees them.


LORENZO VITALI // Lorenzo is a photographer based in Milan, Italy. Creative and experimental, he is always attentive to new artistic opportunities in his environment. Lorenzo finds his own kind of spirituality in sacred building architecture, especially in the light situations such grand buildings create. He photographed a series in black and white to emphasize […]


LAYLA PERCHAL NEAL // Layla is a British photographer based in Florida, USA. She took up photography as a teenager, and lately has been deepening her skills, expanding into analog medium-format photography, which she also used for this series of Southern Florida landscapes.


LUCAS GARCETE // Lucas is a Paraguayan poet and photographer with Spanish nationality based in Madrid. His photographic work is an alternative poetic discourse that revolves around introspection through themes of mortality, the passage of time, and the relationship between nature and the self. He establishes a bridge between literature based on the text and […]


CHRISTIAN HEIDEBUR // Christian is a self-taught photographer, based in Munich, Germany. Photography for him is a way to be in touch with his environment and nature, a way of being mindful. He enjoys the challenge of creating interesting double and multiple exposures, something he has put to excellent use in this artful portrait series.


PASCAL MANNAERTS // Pascal is a photographer from Brussels, Belgium. The initial spark for his photography were his travels, paired with curiosity and a passion for images, with a profound attraction to the human element. The chiaroscuro series he shared, though from different parts of the world, is united by a special focus on light […]


JENNY PAPALEXANDRIS // Jenny is a Visual Artist/Photographer and Educator based in Australia. Trained as a sculptor and painter, she eventually leaned towards photography. She explores photography as a subjective response to the world of light and shadow. Her photographs are highly expressive and visually commanding. Her current series deals more with moods than with […]


PAOLA BUONOMO // Paola is an Italian photographer and communications expert born in Napoli, now based in Perugia. Her project “The future is in the trees” is a conceptual metaphorical series in tribute to ancient trees and the need to preserve them, and by extension, the importance of preserving our environment. She used colour inversion […]


ALMA BIBOLOTTI // Alma Bibolotti is a photographer/artist from Bari in Southern Italy. Photography is an inner travel, her own way of dealing with emotions. “Something of Venice” is her tribute to the fragility of this city that is full of cultural heritage and yet risks to lose it all to commerce.


MAARTEN ROTS // Maarten is a photographer/visual artist from the Netherlands. He searches for abstraction, with a focus on the play of light and shadow on architectural elements, generally in urban surroundings. We are happy to present a set from his series of projected light shapes which he produced during one of the pandemic-induced lockdowns.


ANDREA BORIN //Andrea was born in Italy but has been living in New Zealand since 2010. In his works he uses photography as a poetic and metaphorical language. He shared a self-portrait series that he calls “The Self and its Doubles”.


EVA MARSCHAN-HAYES // Eva is based in East Sussex, England. German-born and self-taught, she is both a photographic artist and poet interested in the process and the experience of creating. She shared a set from her series of ethereal looking petal compositions, a series she calls The Lightness of Being.


AMY NEWTON-McCONNEL //Amy is a passionate photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Having developed an interest in the effects of intentional camera movement, she enjoys creating painterly and abstract artistic effects. She shared a series about dancers, where the motion blur is particularly striking.


ANWAR EHTESHAM // Anwar grew up in the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh and later moved to the capital Dhaka. His photography tells diverse stories, genres ranging from documentary to abstract and nature photography. Anwar shared a series of photos from the eleventh edition of ‘Chobi Mela’, an international photography festival in Dhaka.


PAOLA FRANCESCA BARONE // Paola Francesca is of Apulian and Arbereshe origin, Neapolitan by adoption. She studied philosophy and has always been passionate about photography, which she taught herself. Her feelings about the digitalisation of the world are conflictive, and she translated them into a conceptual series called “Dwelling in the Infosphere”.


KOBI NOLAN // Kobi is based in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Art, he says, can help you deal with anything. He is not “only” a photographer, but also a painter, creating large murals, and a designer. He enjoys producing light painting images and has […]


NELLA TARANTINO // Nella is an architect from Napoli, Italy, now living in Agropoli. Some six years ago she quit architecture to devote herself exclusively to photography, which she previously did with analog cameras, but for which she now uses a digital camera. She shared a series entitled “There, where silence reigns” and explains how […]


DAVID GRAY // David is an award-winning commercial and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles and Vancouver. In his black and white series about a pond he loves, he highlights shapes and patterns through the use of light and contrast, yielding a series of visually very pleasing almost abstract images of natural elements.


PIETRO D’AMBROSIO // Pietro lives in a small town in Calabria in Southern Italy, working as a professional photographer, but also privately passionate about the medium. He shared a series of his vision of the sea, enriched by poetry by Clara D’Ambrosio.


PAOLA FERRAROTTI // Paola is from Argentina and now living in Germany. She has loved photojournalism from a young age, but went on to study political science and international relations, putting the study of photography aside after school. The passion returned later, and she is now trying different genres of photography. Her series “Nature saves […]


DH DOWLING // DH is a New England (Connecticut) based writer and photographer. When he is out shooting, he looks for ghosts hidden in plain sight. Ideas are more important than lenses. We present a set of his photos of mysterious graveyard sculptures.


RAFAEL BUCIO // Rafael is from Mexico City, now living in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is a social psychologist by profession, and has been an aficionado of photography for around twenty years, primarily documentary photography both professionally and for personal pleasure. More recently, he has begun exploring artistic photography. We are happy to share some of […]

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