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MISH AMINOFF // Mish has been fascinated by visual arts, encompassing fine art, fashion design and photography, since childhood. Based in London, U.K., she both participates in and documents the Afro-Cuban music scene there. Her vibrant photos from the Afro-Cuban music scene show the joy (and colours) of music perfectly.

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THE SMC_HOPPER PHOTO CHALLENGE // We had a lot of really good submissions to our first-ever Instagram photo challenge, where we asked photographers to share their “Hopperesque” photographs. It was hard to pick just a few favourites, but we managed. Here are links to our favourites, together with some paintings by Edward Hopper that they reminded […]

contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Jasmin Javon macro photography photo art USA


JASMIN JAVON // Jasmin is photographer from California who feels a strong calling for her artistic passion. We show you a collection of abstractions she has created with simple household items, such as different oils, glycerin, dish soap, food colours, and water with a macro lens and a focus on different lighting, shapes, textures, and […]

contemporary art fine art Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba modern art museum painting USA


JUN NGUYEN-HATSUSHIBA // Jun is a Houston-based accomplished filmmaker, installation artist and a photographer who in the past has used photography as a way to make “notes”, a tool for his painting ideas. After getting into documentary photography he also began using photography as an end in itself. He has artfully documented an exhibition at […]

Australia Cheryl Nancarrow contemporary art dance digital photo art experimental photography fine art performing arts photo art


CHERYL NANCARROW // As an enthusiastic photographer gaining awards nationally and internationally, Cheryl´s journey into creative photography has evolved over the last few years. She creates artistic original images using intentional camera movement and multiple exposures in-camera, often combining images and textures. From this set of beautiful photographs we get the feeling of some of […]

contemporary art Daniela Pereira digital photo art experimental photography fine art photo art Uruguay


DANIELA PEREIRA // Daniela Pereira is from Montevideo, Uruguay, working in the area of education and culture in international development cooperation. Daniela´s images, while taken in nature, astonish the viewer with the unnatural effect of a changed colour scheme and layers of exposures that combine into unique compositions, pleasing to the eye and sometimes reminiscent […]