abstract photography Biju Ramankutty conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art India


BIJU RAMANKUTTY // Biju is a fine art photographer from Kerala, India, and one of the founding trustees and trust member of the museum of photography PhotoMuse. His love of photography started when working as senior research fellow on a fish ecology project in the Western Ghats of India. We present some photos from his […]

abstract photography Ajit Bhand contemporary art experimental photography India


AJIT BHAND // Ajit is a mathematician from Bhopal, India, fascinated by patterns, symmetry and abstraction in mathematical structures. This, and discovering the art of M.C. Escher, has influenced him to begin creating artistic work himself. He shared with us a subset of  his abstract photographs, which remind him of the concept of enhanced consciousness […]

conceptual photography digital photo art experimental photography fine art India Madhur Dhingra painting photo art Tony Remartinez


MADHUR DHINGRA // Madhur is a photographer based in New Delhi, India, who professionally shoots for advertising agencies in Delhi, specializing in product photography. His main area of interest, however, lies in photographing people and processing the images in an abstract impressionist style. We present some of his series “Sūnyatā – The Ultimate Void”.

contemporary art cultural heritage fine art India painting Saibal Sen sculpture


SAIBAL SEN // Saibal is a photographer from Kolkata, India. Photography for him is about capturing expressions and emotions that are priceless in a frame. He enjoys walking through the streets of his city. In the magazine we are featuring a set of his photos from the pottery artisans of Kumortuli in Northern Kolkata.

Country cultural heritage dance India masks and costumes Raj Laxmi Singh street performance


RAJ LAXMI SINGH // Raj Laxmi is a photographer from India based in Delhi who greatly loves immersing herself emotionally and visually in the performing arts of her country. She has shared a set of magical captures from Indian classical dance performances.

experimental photography film making India performing arts Pooja Dua


POOJA DUA // Pooja is a visual artist, designer and photographer based in Delhi, India. Of all the visual arts, Pooja discovered that there is no better way for her to express her thoughts to the world than with photography. She shared with us a subset of  her stills from the film “Seeped”, for which […]