Abbie Briggs conceptual photography contemporary art experimental photography fine art modern art photo art portrait art USA


ABBIE BRIGGS // Abbie is a self taught photographer from Madison, WI. She began her journey in photography as a sort of therapy and soon found her fit in self portraiture. In addition to creating her own art, she has been earning a living as a portrait photographer since 2020. We present a set of […]

Australia contemporary art fine art Melanie Meggs modern art museum


MELANIE MEGGS // Melanie is from Newcastle, Australia. Art has always been a big part of her life, having studied Fine Arts and majored in printmaking and painting. This year, during the Queensland winter, she had a chance to visit the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to see the special exhibition of European Masterpieces […]

Andy Pieren contemporary art fine art modern art museum painting Switzerland


ANDY PIEREN // Andy is dedicated to improving the health of people by day, and a passionate photographer in his spare time. He loves all kinds of photography, preferring not to be pigeonholed into a particular category. One of the things that are most enjoyable to him is watching and documenting people interact with art. […]

fine art modern art Pamela Hanlan photo art portrait art USA


PAMELA HANLAN // Pam came to photography late in life. Based in the Eastern United States, she was busy with family life until quite recently, when she discovered a talent for photography that she never suspected she had. Pam´s quirky portraits are meant to be reminiscent of the portraits of Dutch masters from long ago. […]

digital photo art experimental photography fine art Greece Lena Siopi modern art photo art photo collage


LENA SIOPI // Lena was born and still lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. After studying photography for two years and expanding her knowledge through art, she developed her own photographic journey, which she continues to expand and experiment with. We share one of her project´s of photo art entitled “Past Lives”.

digital photo art experimental photography fine art Italy modern art photo art photo collage


VALERIA CAMMARERI // Valeria is an Italian photographer based in Milano. Photography to her is a way of escaping reality. She likes being on the edge between reality and dream. The Pandemic gave her an opportunity to challenge herself with creative self-portraits. She calls this project a day-long dream.