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// Datlas is a Neapolitan photographer with an interest in contemporary art from a very young age. A Dramatic Art graduate from the V. Bellini Academy in Naples, Italy, he has worked as an actor and assistant director in various theatre companies, curated graphic sections for emerging artists of the Italian music scene, and eventually began dedicating himself to the art of photography. We present images from his portrait series about emotions.

Datlas has had numerous images published in some prestigious magazines, such as Vogue Italia and Lensculture. In 2019 he obtained an online master in photography directed by Steve McCurry and participated in the training course in social photography at the CSV in Naples. He has shown his photos in several collective exhibitionsand had his first virtual personal exhibition entitled “Io Gioco” promoted by “Kaos48 “. His photography has received several awards.

“Also in 2021 he participated in the 6th annual international photography award, reaching the Top 100 photographers of Italy and the Top 35 Photo series of projects. In the same year he received the Dante Alighieri, Arte Nova and Stylistic Excellence awards from Art Now. Judge for the 35 Awards in the 8th Annual International Photography Awards. “One of my goals is to open my own magazine, collaborate with other artists and grow together in the field of art,” he says.

“photographic art doesn’t need great lenses, but broad-mindedness.”

Datlas Erre

What draws you to the arts?

“Since I was a child I have always loved the many expressions of art. My first love was the theater and this allowed me to have a careful and sensitive look at what surrounded me and to capture its details and various nuances. I often go to the theatre, cinema and museums, this allows me to broaden my artistic vision and enrich not only my cultural but also my emotional background.”

What do you like best about your portrait series?

“I like the fact that I captured moments, faces and expressions in their truest form with this project.”

These photos are from Datlas Erre´s collection of emotional portraits. “Emotional portraits are some moments that have captured my attention and aroused a memory. Other shots are inspired by characters from the world of cinema that I loved,” he explains.

Datlas often prefers black and white photography to colour. “When I visualize my subjects it comes naturally to me not to dwell on colour and as if my eye had a monochromatic filter, through which I try to capture a gesture, a mood and marking its contours with natural light and shadows and through the play of light and dark,” he says.

Click on the photos to see the original larger version. Clicking on the photo also reveals its title.

All photos © DATLAS ERRE

Please visit Datlas´s website to see more of this series and also his other work. Also check out his Instagram page.

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