Austria contemporary art digital photo art fine art infrared photography Klaudia Ratzinger photo art


KLAUDIA RATZINGER // Klaudia is an Austrian photographer with a passion for experimenting with different photographic processes. We present a selection of her stunning infrared landscape photography – Austrian landscapes made visible in a way the human eye cannot normally see it.

Austria digital photo art experimental photography Karin Svadlenak-Gomez light painting photo art


KARIN SVADLENAK-GOMEZ // Karin is an amateur photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Her photography spans a broad range of genres, and she enjoys dabbling in experimental photography from time to time. So for this Christmas special, we present a somewhat different take on Christmas in Vienna.

Austria contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art Karin Bauer photo art


KARIN BAUER // Karin is an Austrian photographer with a passion for experimental photography and photo art. Her focus is in particular on the link between reality and illusion, which she achieves through mixed media techniques and digital image processing. We are pleased to feature a set from her series “World of Fantasy”.

Austria Bernd Grosseck contemporary art modern art painting street art


BERND GROSSECK // Bernd is from Graz, Austria, and in his photography he aims to show his city in a different light from the usual “classic sights” Graz is known for. He wants to show its diversity, and for this feature he shared pictures of an industrial building, which impresses with huge murals on its […]

acting Austria Michael Seirer music performing arts theatre


MICHAEL SEIRER // Michael Seirer is an Austrian photographer specialising in event photography. Michael loves the arts and is always happy to have an opportunity to photograph a performance. He shared a set of photos of the Nestroy Prize award ceremony 2019, the most important Austrian prize for extraordinary achievements on stage.

Assia Starke Austria experimental photography light painting photo art


ASSIA STARKE // Assia is Russian-born, but now living in Austria. Having grown up with a father who had his own improvised darkroom at home, she developed a fascination for photography from a young age. Assia kindly shared some of her abstract photo art of Christmas motifs in her current home town, Mödling, near Vienna.