Alicia Haber contemporary art fine art Li Mullen modern art painting photo art Uruguay


ALICIA HABER // Alicia is a Uruguayan art historian who has been a professor, researcher and curator. She started dedicating herself to photography three years ago, and it has become her main activity. Alicia has shared a new series of photo art in which she creates a bridge between contemporary Uruguayan art and her photography.

contemporary art England fine art Li Mullen sculpture


LI MULLEN // Li is an Irish born, London based photographer. Li’s passion for photography started at a young age. She now works as a freelancer for the arts/culture and fashion industries, documenting backstage life, events and exhibitions. Li shared with us a series on the White Cube exhibition Chicxulub by the artist Danh Võ.

India Luis Gomez Echeverri street art


LUIS GOMEZ ECHEVERRI // Luis was born in Colombia and now lives in Vienna, Austria after a long international career, working on climate change and other environmental policy issues. Luis loves the arts and has a special penchant for street art. Luis shares his photos from the Lodhi Art District in New Delhi.