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// Alicia is a Uruguayan art historian who has been a professor, researcher and curator. She started dedicating herself to photography three years ago, and it has become her main activity. Alicia has shared a new series of photo art in which she creates a bridge between contemporary Uruguayan art and her photography.

“Ex nihilo nihil”
(Nothing comes from nothing.)


What draws you to art?

“All my previous life was dedicated to art history, particularly to contemporary art and to contemporary Uruguayan art. I have been a professor, researcher and curator. I am retired now. But art is the centre of my life: photography, cinema, visual arts, museums, contemporary dance, etc.” 

What impresses you most about the art works you base your photographic creations on?

“The coloured drips and splashes appearing here and there emphasize the power of colour that I like so much. The details of the paintings also give an abstract quality to the images that expresses my desire to get away from realism. In both painters the texture and the gesture have importance and they give a stronger character to the image.”

Alicia uses details of paintings of contemporary Uruguayan artists with their permission. She takes photos of their works of art and layers them through double exposure her photos to create a unique combination of painting and photo. In particular, for this series she has photographed details of paintings by Carlos Alberto Musso and Carlos Seveso, two contemporary Uruguayan artists (both born in Montevideo in 1954), whose careers Alicia has followed closely and admires very much. They frequently exhibit together and there is a strong link between them, so it made sense to her to create a series with their paintings.

If you want to see more of the work of the artists whose images Alicia has worked with for her photographs, you could take a look at an exhibition catalogue from the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, with pictures by the artists and an analytical text about their art by Alicia (in Spanish). Alicia is also the creator of MUVA: A virtual museum online. This was one of the very first 100% virtual museums in the world and has won many awards worldwide. The virtual museum is dedicated to Uruguayan Art that cannot be found in museums because of limited capacity. These virtual museums even have a virtual building created by architects. You can watch a video about the virtual museum.

Images may be cropped for layout. Click on the photos to see the full image.

All photos © ALICIA HABER

To see more of her photography visit Alicia´s Instagram page.


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