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// Jasmin is photographer from California who feels a strong calling for her artistic passion. We show you a collection of abstractions she has created with simple household items, such as different oils, glycerin, dish soap, food colours, and water with a macro lens and a focus on different lighting, shapes, textures, and reflections.

Until this year photography was only a hobby for Jasmin, but her mindfulness practice has led her firmly into the direction of turning the hobby into a profession. “Meditation teaches you to quiet the mind in efforts to achieve mental clarity,” she told us. “In doing so, I found the courage I needed to pursue my dreams of being an artist. Sounds a bit crazy, I know… but it happened to me. A sudden and almost startling epiphany. It was clear as day. I have never felt so at peace with a decision, and I still feel that peace. It wasn’t until I learned how to quiet my mind that I found my way to my true passion.”

As an aspiring professional abstract artist Jasmin hopes to eventually brighten galleries and homes across the globe.

“Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

 Elliot Erwitt

What draws you to the arts?

Art, for me, is an escape. Creation as a whole makes me feel… limitless. There are no boundaries in art… in self-expression.. Engaging in such self-expression is my favorite form of therapy.

What do you like best about about the abstract photo art you are sharing with us?

Creativity, I really enjoy the way the colors blend and melt together to make something artistic that came from nothing at all. I love hearing that my art makes people feel happy. That alone gives me motivation to keep creating beautiful vibrant images that make you pause and really make you do a double take.

Oil and water photography were Jasmin´s introduction to the abstract macro world. The idea came to her after watching dozens of Youtube videos about photography that could be done at home with everyday items. “I stumbled across a video of a man using macro photography to capture gorgeous images with only oil and water, and I was hooked. The idea had never crossed my mind until then, to take photos of something non objective. It didn’t have to be portraits, landscapes, or still life (though I love those as well)… Watching this man create art from these simple items was nothing short of inspiring,” says Jasmin. So she stepped outside of the box she had created in her own mind. “Just as an artist paints or sketches, I too could create artistic works. I had to try.”

Although she was not happy with the initial results, the process sparked a strong curiosity within her. She found it very intriguing that she could create fantasy images using something as simple as oil and water, with unusual shapes, patters, details. Jasmin began mixing every oil she could find, along with food colouring, paints, milk, soy sauce (for contrast), glycerin, and anything else she could think of. Hours of experimentation with different colour combinations, different oil mixtures, and different types of lighting have yielded the vibrant artworks we can admire today.

Jasmin currently uses a Nikon D3500 with a 36mm extension tube attached as well as her mobile phone with a 25x macro lens attached to capture the tiny details. “The experiments will never stop as I am completely hooked on creating these images. My artwork will grow and evolve as I do, and personally I couldn’t be more excited to see where my vision takes me.”

We wish Jasmin the best of luck and happiness in the pursuit of her passion and are looking forward to seeing it evolve!

Click on the photos to see a larger image and the artwork´s title. Images may be cropped for layout.


To see more of her photography visit Jasmin´s Instagram page and her website.