dance Shawn Danker Singapore street performance


SHAWN BYRON DANKER // Shawn is a Singaporean photographer and photo journalist. In one of his long-term passion projects, he photographs dancers outside their usual environment: in the street and in public spaces. Although he shoots all genres of dance, for this feature we selected a set of his stunning jazz and tap dance photos.

Claudia Orsetti Country cultural heritage dance India masks and costumes street performance


CLAUDIA ORSETTI // Claudia is an architect and a photographer. She is naturally attracted by contradictions and her work typically gravitates around the concepts of territory, time and memory, moving across landscapes, documentary and reportage photography. She shared a series on a ritual Theyyam performance in Kerala, India.

Croatia Mary Crnkovic Pilas street performance


MARY CRNKOVIC PILAS // Mary, originally from Sydney, Australia, has lived in Zagreb, Croatia since 1992, where she joined the Zagreb Photo Club. Though she is most interested in black and white street and documentary photography, she shared a colourful series of fire and light artistry from the annual Cest is d´best festival in Zagreb.

cultural heritage dance David Gilbert Wright England masks and costumes street performance


DAVID GILBERT WRIGHT // David has been in photography most of his life. He now specialises in documentary photography and is working on several long-term projects, including the one he shared with us about modern cultural expressions of Morris Dancing, a quintessentially English form of folk dance that has its origins in the Middle Ages.

acting masks and costumes street performance tris United Kingdom


TRIS // Tris (who otherwise goes by his artist name @colourbricks) enjoys photography in the lively streets of London. He is drawn to the colours, vibrancy and the stories of life, especially of the stoics, the optimists and the non-conformists. He shared with us a series on Cosplay, a special kind of performing art.