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// Arturo is from Lima, Perú, a graduate in economics who has also studied painting and drawing at the Art Museum of Lima and integrates his understanding of economics into his photography to show the aesthetics of the human condition. He shared with us his creative night photography of street performers in Lima.

Arturo´s first love are the arts. From a young age he was interested in photography and fine art. Photography for him is a sensory experience, influenced by everything around him, including literature, music, art, and just generally life. Today he mainly engages in documentary photography, but he also has some long term ethnographic projects in his home country. He also teaches photography in personalized (street) photography workshops, focusing on camera management and photographic composition and language. 

“TO connect with other worlds within this world.”

Arturo Cañedo

What draws you to the arts?

“I use their universal language to tell a story and my own story.” 

What impressed you most about the street performers of Lima?

“Photographing them allows me to immerse myself with the activities and artistic expressions of the photographed artists, to enter their worlds.

On the basis of his photographic intention to search for the relationship of humans with their urban environment, whether from the social, economic, religious, political, racial, or other point of view, Arturo has used his experimental photography to capture the vibrancy of Lima´s streets at night, for a project he calls Downtown Lima. Arturo wants his photography to include elements that allow viewers to identify and link the individuals with the city or region to which they belong.

We selected in particular a set depicting the many street performers that make a living entertaining passers-by and the people who dress up in brilliant costumes for street festivals. Arturo´s skillful uses of light painting techniques and long-term exposures produce artful renderings of life in the streets of Lima with, we think, truly spectacular results.

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To see more of his photography visit Arturo´s Instagram page and his Facebook page.