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// Paola is an Italian photographer and communications expert born in Napoli, now based in Perugia. Her project “The future is in the trees” is a conceptual metaphorical series in tribute to ancient trees and the need to preserve them, and by extension, the importance of preserving our environment. She used colour inversion to symbolise the need for a change of perspective.

About her photography path, she says, “I approached photography as a teenager, instinctively. A few years ago, I became a member of the Officine Creative Italiane Photography Club and of Fiaf. I attended a photography Masterclass in 2019 and participated in a group exhibition at the Civic Museum of Palazzo Penna, in Perugia, on the theme “The ephemeral and the eternal” with a project entitled “Mutant landscapes in the eternal city”.”

In June 2022 she joined the Portfolio Italia competition with her project “Isola”, which was selected as a finalist.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

John Muir

What draws you to the arts?

“Photography for me is really necessary to communicate my thoughts, point of view about reality, emotions. I put my sensibility in it, trying to ‘translate’ a personal matter into something universal.”

What do you like best about this photo project?

“I succeeded to complete this long-term project on monumental trees aiming to bring some attention on them and on the theme of environment. The project has been showcased at Cifa – Centro italiano per la fotografia d’autore – and this result has been very important for me, because my “message” has had the opportunity to reach a lot of people.”

The project “The future is in the Trees” is Paola´s personal perspective about the environment. “One of the most used words referring to this theme is “reversal”, understood as the urgent need to change policies, production, consumption patterns, and lifestyles. However, in order to reverse the course towards a sustainable future, I think we need to become individually aware of the problem and radically change our view of the world around us. The starting point for me is definitely trees: I invite the observer to stop and look at them and consider that life on Earth would be impossible without them. Some of the trees – perhaps along a road that we pass by casually every day, or grown in a private garden – are monumental because they bear witness to history and cultural identity.”

These majestic “patriarchs” have been included in a national list that recognises their value to the community, to be protected and safeguarded for future generations. Preserving trees, and planting more of them, is perhaps the simplest, most beautiful and effective way to combat the climate crisis.

In her project, Paola chose to portray a number of trees characterised by their monumental requirements such as age and size, and scenic value. The trees are all located in the municipality of Perugia, in Umbria. She made three shots of each tree, from detail to full-length. Then she used the technique of colour inversion as a metaphor of a needed change of our perspective.

Click on the photos to see a larger image in original dimensions with its title.


To see more of her photography visit Paola´s website and Instagram page .

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