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// Pietro lives in a small town in Calabria in Southern Italy, working as a professional photographer, but also privately passionate about the medium. He shared a series of his vision of the sea, enriched by poetry by Clara D’Ambrosio.

“I love to photograph everything that catches my attention. I love nature and I spend a lot of time contemplating its beauty, but I am fascinated and strongly attracted by the daily images that the road gives,” he says. “Photography has always struck me, I was fascinated by how an image seen today could remain and give the same emotions even after some time … even if I am a professional photographer I am self-taught … I have read and seen many many images of great photographers! I started with landscape photography (which I love like the first day), but I don’t define myself as a landscape photographer, I love photography in every aspect and in all its forms.”

“The sea does not like to be restrained.”

Rick Riordan
(The Lightning Thief)

What draws you to the arts?

“I love art in all its forms and in particular I love music in all its genres because there is one for every mood, and I love painting from the most classical to the most abstract.”

What do you like best about your seascape photo series?

“Of this project I really liked seeing the sea from a different perspective than usual, not observing it from the beach but from the road, thus delimiting its size.”

Looking at Pietro’s photos, both here and in his online galleries, we get the sense of attachment to landscape beauty and the poetry that can be found in nature, but also in human-made structures.

Pietro created this series when observing the size of the ocean, but played with the various geometries that delimit it and the various colours and tones. He took all of these pictures on the same day. “I decided to use the strong light of the late morning to get strong contrasts, then giving a personal artistic interpretation to make the series more personal. Finally I enriched the images with a text written by my sister, Clara D’Ambrosio.”

We are pleased to reproduce Clara’s lines here, as they complement the photographer’s impressions so well.

Beyond, the Sea

by Clara D’Ambrosio

 What will remain of those waves,

beyond the hot stems from the August sun,

of wrought iron and dull light bulbs.

What will remain of that eternal and heavy movement,

beyond the concrete barricades that dominate, in vain,

the indomitable.

What will remain of that heat, of that heavy dust

 of dead soil,

of rust greedy for life

of vivid and blinding colors.

What will remain of that sea,

of that perpetual brackish screech that

devours the shore,

of the wrecks that lie unarmed,

of salt and flavor


the Sea.

We love the poetic mood of Pietro’s photographic visualisations.

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To see more of his photography visit Pietro´s Instagram page (and also here)