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// Tina is from Italy, a trained archeologist and student of history and humanism, something that also has influenced what she communicates through photography. In her photo series “Transeunte” she tackles the concept of the passage of time and the transitory nature of existence.

Tina told us, “My origins have certainly influenced my cultural formation making me orient towards the choice of historical-humanistic studies, in particular towards the study of archeology which, transformed into field work, subsequently accompanied me in the knowledge of distant cultures and places both in the space (Egypt, China, the Americas etc.) that over time (prehistoric and historical cultures) allowed me to read the contexts in a sort of temporal continuity and mentally take photographs of the life that took place there.”

She chose photography as her personal medium to communicate her universe made up of deep and intimate interconnections with the world around us. “My research is aimed at capturing those plots that resist the machination of the modern and that lead us towards a contact with a Self-Other. This research is aimed at revealing a possible reality, using a photographic language.”

“Tempus Fugit”


What draws you to the arts?

“Archaeology and the study of art have always pushed me to deepen the art in various fields: photography, cinema, theater, dance.”

What do you like best about your Transeunte project?

“What l like best about this project is to transfer the idea of the dematerialization of the human and artifacts as a result of the passage of time.”

Tina photographs sometimes in color, often desaturated, other times in B&W with what she calls a rarefied atmosphere. This choice is animated by her desire to make several worlds coexist, touching each other through their dematerialized interfaces.

Tina´s project “Transeunte” is based on the concept that everything that is subject to become is destined to end. This is true for all living beings but also for all manufactured products. Her work aims to be a reflection on the crumbling action of time, and also a transversal vision that allows the viewer to explore conceptually the interactions and the limits between parallel worlds. She used double exposure and a desaturated black and white look to express her concept.

The quote that Tina sent us, Tempus fugit – time flies, is so true, is it not?

Click on the photos to see a larger image.


To see more of her photography visit Instagram page.

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