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// Ann is based in North Carolina, USA. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, she has had a passion for the medium since the first time she picked up a camera six years ago. While her primary interest is landscape photography, she also enjoys experimenting with different genres. We present her experimental series entitled “Comings and Goings”, captured at – of all places – a theme park.

“My primary interest is landscapes, but I also enjoy the learning process and experimenting with different types of photography such as macro, composites, abstracts and slow shutter speeds,” Ann says. “I love to capture the beauty of everyday moments, wherever they happen to occur.”

Ann´s work has been published on Gallery 1x and recognized on many social media photo feature platforms. She was chosen to exhibit a photo in the Blindwell Gallery LOVE exhibit last year and has an upcoming show in North Carolina this summer.

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

What draws you to the arts?

“Any kind of art is rooted in creativity. I am always looking for sparks to feed that fire, and I get that from going to museums, seeing sculptures at botanical gardens or even doing a craft project at home. It all expands my thinking of what is possible.”

What do you like best about the photo art project that you have shared with us?

“My favorite thing is the impressionistic feel that comes from slow shutter and motion photography. It was so much fun to search out the different situations I wanted to portray…the young and old, the energetic walkers and kids in strollers. And each situation brought its own unique energy to the frames.”

Ann recently visited a well-known American theme park, where she was amazed at the constant stream of motion and movement that surrounded her. “I then thought it would be fun to capture some of this movement with a slow shutter. I purposely focused much of my photos on feet as people moved past. That is how the idea of Comings and Goings originated. It includes the way people move and also things that move people, whether it be a stroller, a boat or a tram.”

Maybe next time you find yourself at a theme park, or indeed anywhere, try slowing down the shutter speed and see what happens. The results are invariably unpredictable. And that is what makes experimental photography a lot of fun.

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We strongly encourage you to take a look at Ann´s website. You can also check out her Instagram page.