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// Luca is from Venice, Italy. He has a passion for documentary and street photography, with an interesting in capturing people in their everyday life. This also includes people visiting galleries and exhibitions, and so we have put together a selection of pictures in which Luca has documented people admiring pictures in Italian galleries.

“I am a self-taught photographer who approached photography to witness my holiday travels in my late teenage years. Year after year, looking at the pictures, I realize that I was more attracted to the people I saw than the places I visited, without knowing about street photography. After forty years I’m still framing people in their everyday life, but with more awareness of the street photography genre. The street for me is an enormous stage where anyone is a performing character and I want to portray all of them. My goal is to make people think when they look at my photos, in search of their stories behind them.”

“Art is a universal language that makes people communicate without words. ”

Luca Sorato

What draws you to the arts?

“Visiting a museum or a gallery is another way to learn and to grow as a person; I like to know what’s behind an artwork, whether it is a painting, a photograph or an installation. I’m also lucky to be close to the Venice Biennale and every year I attend the exhibition.”

What did you like most about the series you shared?

“The body language of the people; sometimes it is very interesting.”

Luca shared a set of photographs that he took at different photo exhibitions throughout Italy.

If the title of this series rings a bell, there might be various reasons for it. Perhaps you are familiar with the piano cycle by the same name by Modest Mussorgsky from 1874. Luca, however, was inspired by another type of music. “Pictures at an exhibition is also the title of a prog-rock album that inspired me for this series,” he says. “People behave in many different ways when they are in front of an artwork; so museums, art galleries, open air or indoor exhibitions are a natural stage.”

Click on the images to see their title, which also identifies the particular exhibitions where Luca took the pictures.

Click on the photos to see the full image.

All photos © Luca Sorato

To see more of his photography visit Luca´s website and his Instagram page.

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