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// Anna was born in Salzburg, Austria and continues to live and work there. In her photography she is interested in structures, shapes, colours, landscapes. She shared one of her series where she takes a closer look at the textures and hues of meadow flowers, as she sees them.

“When I was about twenty I would have liked to become a photographer, I was very drawn to the field of visual media…but I lacked confidence, I would have liked to have done Multimedia Art in Salzburg,” Anna told us.

Despite her artistic desire, she studied something completely different and hardly took any photographs for some twenty years. It was only two years ago that she decided to reawaken her creative potential from a deep sleep. She began drawing, then switched from drawing to other media like linocut, and then reactivated photography. She learned photography autodidactically and learned about editing software.

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

What draws you to the arts?

“I grew up in an artistic family and environment, art was always around me. It makes me feel calm and centered. I’m also drawing (as seen on three pictures on my IG) and started Linocut-Projects.”

What do you like best about photo art such as the images you have shared with us?

“I like the colours, often these muted colours, but also the clean, refreshing and at the same time calming look.”

Anna has always been fascinated by landscapes and dramatic atmospheres – the sea, the mountains – and finally by details that can be spotted by walking through the nature. “I like how shots match together accidentally by using double exposure….often a surprise,” she says.

“Pure photography is an almost meditative state for me, absolute mindfulness – the process afterwards, the editing, is just a lot of fun for me – according to the motto “anything goes”, I use all possibilities to create moods. I love this blue-green thing and this sometimes fairy-tale-like look…a certain mood should emanate from my pictures. It is mostly a spontaneous, intuitive process. Suddenly the picture fits. At the same time, I love the repetitive, the pattern that can be found in nature, in forms and structures.”

As we are moving into the greyness of winter in Central Europe, Anna´s flower images from summer meadows bring us a welcome flashback to warmer days. We hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy too, wherever you are in the world.

Some images may be cropped for formatting. Click on the photos to see a larger image in original dimensions.


To see more of her photography visit Anna´s Instagram page .

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Gar nicht 😉 Das war ein missglückter Versuch, der Fotografin das Feature vorher zu zeigen, sie konnte es mit dem Passwort einsehen, es war mir aber nicht klar, dass das dann im Newsletter an alle verschickt wird. Ich werde das jetzt wieder unpublishen und am Sonntag kommt dann das tatsächliche feature raus.

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