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// Based in London, Maura employs lens-based, camera-less, analogue and digital processes in her image making. Landscape, memory, portraiture and place have established themselves as the predominant themes in her photographic work. We are happy to show you a sample of one of her conceptual series, her “Light Interiors”.

“for not only are we as sister, wives and mothers the guardians of the future, we are also the custodians of the past.”

Eunice Guthrie Murray

What draws you to the arts?

Making photographic imagery allows me to create a narrative that will hopefully engage the audience in a new way.

What do you like best about the project you have shared with us?

“Working with light and projected images allows me to create a composite image, providing the opportunity to reinterpret the scene.

‘Light Interiors’ makes the link between past and present and attempts to capture the ephemeral prose and poetry of people’s lives. Working with the physical characteristics of light, the way it is distributed through doors, windows and openings offers an opportunity to be read and interpreted as signs. Maura portrays the home as an archive, the artefacts captured are not documents but instead distilled memories.

The fabric of the building provides the backdrop and the unifying link for these projected images, recalling memories and emotions. A child’s birthday party, a hospital scan, a formal portrait, interweaved with the remembered vignettes of daily life that form our perception of home. There is a conflicting sense of loss and gain, drawing attention to both the joys, expectations and sorrows that permeate the home.

Click on the photos to see a larger image.


To see more of her photography visit Maura´s website and her Instagram page.

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