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// Mattia is a film student based in Udine, Italy. He began to study photography as a part of his education and quickly fell in love with it. He specializes in black and white street photography, but is also looking to explore different genres in his photographic journey. He shared his series “$&1f_p0RTr.ait“, a set of a very interesting self-portrait project.

And no, $&1f_p0RTr.ait is not garbled, it is the actual title of this project.

“There is an art to science, and a science in art; the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole.”

Isaac Asimov

What draws you to art?

“Art makes me feel amazing, whether it is producing it or enjoying it as a spectator. Producing art, photography in particular, makes me feel as if my entire education and the whole of my experiences all acquire concreteness in the instant I press the shutter button. In a way, I practice photography to make sure that I exist, if that makes sense.”

What do you like best about self portraiture?

“I’m interested in the concept of dissection. Human anatomy has been a part of my studies in the past, and I was always struck on an aesthetic level by the pictures in of bones, muscle and tissues in anatomy manuals, which ultimately served as foundation for this series: instead of a scalpel, I chose to dissect with light.”

$&1f_p0RTr.ait is a series that looks to abstract the human body in various positions through the dissection of singular anatomic elements. We asked Mattia to explain a bit more about his process.

“The production side of the project is rather simple, actually,” he said. “The subject is lighted only by natural window light, and every picture is shot at a very specific time of the day (about a half an hour span, 4:30-5 pm) in which the light becomes very sharp and morphs into uncharacteristic shapes. The pictures are simply shot in front of a mirror, I guess technically they all are mirror selfies. All pictures are very underexposed, that is to effectively isolate only the body part struck by the sunlight.  After that it was all about playing with body positions and finding, through careful experimentation, the most interesting interactions between light and my body, always trying to introduce a bit of surreality in my work. This playful approach made the shooting of $&1f_p0RTr.ait very fun.”

Click on the photos to see a larger version.


Please also visit Mattia´s Instagram page or his website for more of her work.

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