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// Annie has always had an attraction for art in general and photography in particular. Based in Lyon, France, she has had the opportunity to show her photography in a number of exhibitions. She likes to add an artistic touch to her photos. We are delighted to show a selection of her images from Santorini, a place that is very special to Annie.

“Art is when the admiration of a work arouses in you the desire to do the same.”

Keira Chakor

What draws you to the arts?

“Art in general allows me to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy a moment of privileged well-being, whether by practicing or discovering the works of art of other artists during an exhibition, museum visit, show, …. It is a universal language that has the power to trigger emotions, whatever they may be and the path of creativity is an awakening of the intense senses, the link between the body and the spirit, the real and the imagination.”

What do you like best about artistic photography such as the images of Santorini that you have shared with us?

These different series on Santorini allow me to find myself at the very moment when I pressed the shutter, it is the power of photography, the memory, the atmosphere, and the emotion of the moment rises to the surface when you look at or work on your photo. Santorini is of a rare beauty and I hope that my photos reflect its charm.

The geographical designation of Santorini alone, as a small “Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea”, sounds mythical. The island was shaped into its current rugged form by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century. Tourists are drawn to it because of its natural beauty, with the towns overlooking the sea, its black, red and white lava beaches, and the typical white-washed houses on top of cliffs. In Annie´s photos, the place becomes an impressionist dreamscape.

Annie told us that “the island of Santorini, the object of these photos, is a constant source of inspiration. I try to go there every year for a week and each time I work different photographic series.”

Annie creates artistic photographic images, either by using her camera as a “brush” through movement, or by using digital tools to accentuate the emotion of the moment captured. “This surely responds to my frustration at not knowing how to paint. I also practice cyanotype, fascinated by this blue of prussia obtained thanks to the sun, ” she says.

We think that the magic of the Greek island of Santorini is brought to special light in Annie´s pictures.

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To see more of her photography visit Annie´s Instagram page.