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// We previously featured a series by tris on the colourful London cosplayers. This time tris has documented something equally colourful, a paint jam event by the WOM Collective, a grassroots collective of London and Los Angeles based female artists.

“I supply art for a living.”

Carleen De Sözer

What draws you to the arts?

“My best friend is a creative arts teacher and he inspired me to look at the world through a different lens – physically and metaphorically. I had never been exposed to art, and he was always so enthusiastic in encouraging creative originality. After visits to the Guggenheim, Balenciaga museum and numerous galleries across Europe, he showed me that there was more colour, creativity and soul to life than I had experienced to that point. Everyone needs a Nick in their lives! His pupils are so genuinely fortunate.” 

What impressed you most about the WOM collective?

“I was immediately impressed by their passion, their energy and their beautiful creative minds. What struck me more than anything though, was the genuine friendship and collegiate outlook – no rivalries, only support, kindness and encouragement. After the darkness surrounding everything to do with COVID, it was like a collective chrysalis escaping out towards the sunshine!  Such a wonderful group of people who challenge all the stereotypes of graffiti artists, are dedicated to their work and have a beautiful message to communicate.”

The WOM collective is a grassrootst female artist collective based in London and Los Angeles, passionate about inspiring and empowering each other and their communities. This collective is dedicated to empowering HER-story by providing a platform for graffiti jams, exhibitions, workshops and events that give back to female artists, local communities and charities. They regularly create space for artists to exhibit and sell their artwork, facilitate workshops and connect to upcoming opportunities. 

WOM artists recently (on Sunday, 18 April 2021) met for a graffiti jam at Stockwell’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in south London, tucked away in a sunken sports area in the heart of the city. WOM organizes such jams on a monthly basis. This one was on a day blessed by beautiful spring sunshine, and tris went out to document the event.

Graffiti Jams bring colour to grey walls and allow artists to share their incredible creativity and passion within the urban environment, and to bring community and artists together .

You can read more about the WOM collective on their website and also visit their Instagram page. The collective was founded by Elena González/ELNO @elnoart, Carleen De Sözer @carleendesozer , Raquel Natalicchio @RockMyWorldRocky, and Lours @real_lours.

Click on the photos to see the full image with artist name.

The artists in these pictures (column layout only visible when viewed on a computer)
Left columnCenter columnRight column
Sweet @sweetheartstreetartAlessandra Tortone @alessandratortoneCristina Calvache Quesada @cristinaques
Carleen De Sözer @carleendesozer 7th Pencil @7th_pencil LeSpleen @lespleenart
Graffiti jam at Stockwell’s ‘Hall of Fame’ Boot belonging to @7th_pencil Giusi Tomasello @giusitomaselloart
Cover image: Maria Linares Freire @marialinaresfreire

All photos © tris (@colourbricks)

To see more of his photography visit tris´s Instagram page.


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