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// Lorenzo is a photographer based in Milan, Italy. His photography leans towards the symbolic and abstract. The photos in this article are from a series of abstract photographs of the stunning architecture of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Lorenzo has published several books, has presented some of his works in solo-exhibitions, and his work has been published in several magazines. We have previously featured Lorenzo´s work, and you can see his project “Another Kind of Spirituality” here.

“Photography doesn’t show reality, it shows the idea one has of it. ”

Neil Leifer

What draws you to the arts?

“Although photography is the synthesis of my artistic expression, I really love painting, from which I often draw inspiration. I especially admire those artists who know how to innovate and this goes for photography, painting and any form of art. The visual arts involve me in a particular way, arousing different emotions in me every time.”

What do you like about your abstract architecture photo series?

“Being able to grasp the change, depending on the incidence of the sun’s rays, of the colour of the titanium plates and their combination in various colours, always different. Then by isolating some forms chosen by me according to an aesthetic criterion, I think I have highlighted the beauty of this particular architectural work, starting from the original choice of the material used.”

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao was built according to a design by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry and was inaugurated in 1997.

Lorenzo made these photos with the specific intention of capturing the interaction between the material used (titanium from Australia), which over time has changed its original appearance as a result of atmospheric influences, and the sunlight. Depending on the time of day, the sun´s rays cause the facade to appear differently.

“To obtain this result, which we could classify as a work of abstract architecture, I carried out several shooting sessions at various times of the day and with different light conditions, favoring long focal lengths for most of the shots,” says Lorenzo.

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To see more of his photography visit Lorenzo´s website and his Instagram Page.