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// Hans lives in the Netherlands, and he enjoys capturing beautiful objects, or, as he puts it, capturing objects beautifully. The Dutch artist Han Lammers creates metal sculptures based on mathematical equations, and Hans was able to observe him at work and shared a documentary series with us.

Hans was a mechanical engineering and information technology expert before he retired, and now he is dedicated entirely to photography. Perhaps it is because of his engineering background that the metal sculptures of Han Lammers appeal to him? Hans sees himself more as an observer than a creator: he tries to interpret a situation and to translate it into a photograph that tells a little more than the situation itself.

Hans is a member of Fotoclub Nunspeet, and the Fotografen Collectief Zutphen in the Netherlands. He enjoys the possibilities of editing that digital photography has brought, having experienced analog photography in his youth, he now prefers his “darkroom” to be the digital editing software.

“Nature is written in mathematical language. ”

Galileo Galilei

What draws you to the arts?

“Art is for me an inspirator and energiser.”

What impresses you most about the work of the artist Han Lammers?

The love for the material and geometrics turned with craftsmanship into art.

Hans shared a documentary series about the metal sculptor Han Lammers, whom he has photographed at work in his artist studio.

Han Lammers translates mathematical equations into tangible three-dimensional sculptures, often using zinc, his designs are rational, the work abstract and geometric, the forms pure. There is a certain minimalist feel to them. The sculptor is a perfectionist, his zinc plate formations are evidence of precise planning and a clear concept. At the same time they do not lack a poetic attitude. He learned the installation craft professionally and transfers his knowledge and skills into art. Both the smaller, but above all the medium and large format works are convincing in their clarity, purity and convincing implementation. When the works are covered with a patina that develops over time, they gain even more quality.

His ideas are often based on mathematical formulas, for which Han Lammers then finds interesting forms of realization. His work is in the tradition of the constructivists and minimal art. In Han’s work the right angle dominates and occasionally acute angles are also part of the three-dimensional constructions. Often there are several works that, as a small series, develop certain questions and spatial concepts, but each work can also stand on its own as an individual object. He exhibits his works in numerous exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy and has developed an independent artist position with his extensive oeuvre.

It is a privilege to be able to observe the artist at work through Hans Verduin´s documentary photographs.

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We have previously featured Hans Verduin´s photography with a documentary of the work of ceramic artist Harmke Zwep, which you can see here in the magazine. To see more of his photography visit Hans´s Instagram page.

The artist Han Lammers can also be found on his own website and on Instagram.