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// Daniel is a creative multi-talent: photographer, composer, and singer-songwriter. Based in the Hudson Valley in New York, he has been capturing images of nature since he first held a camera. We present his macro photography series “glass berries”.

About his love of nature, Daniel says, “Growing up in the city I can remember being mesmerized by nature during my first summer camp trip in the forest. I aim to capture the beauty of the natural world around us, as it is always in a constant state of change, from the light that falls to bend the colors of a full landscape scene to the intricate details of insects and plant life against the changing weather that can be seen through a macro lens. Capturing and sharing the beauty of nature, that’s what I love to do.”

“The sky has been falling white flowers, and there’s icing on trees.”

Matt Berninger

What draws you to the arts?

“Creating, sharing, and enjoying all facets of art. I could not imagine life without it. To me art is a staple of life, from a live theater performance, music, photography, etc. I am always amazed at what others are creating, which in turn inspires me to do the same, to create something that will inspire others. In addition to my photography works, I am also a singer songwriter. This works hand in hand for me, as nature can be so inspiring for both of theses mediums.”

What do you like best about your nature art photo series?

“I love the process of each step of photography and seeing it come to life. It’s a meditating experience for me. I become one with my surroundings and focus all of my attention to nature’s beauty. Each step thereafter is calming and rewarding as well, from editing to the final print and framing. Then to share with the world.”

Dan came to shoot this series “Glass Berries” fairly accidentally. An ice storm had swept across the Hudson Valley. The very next day he grabbed his gear and headed out to capture the ice on the mountain tops. While among the foothills he noticed theses red berries encapsulated by ice. “It was cloudy so it was not until the sun peeked out that I realized what I was about to capture. Looking through my macro lens seemed magical as I adjusted the aperture and focus to create the blurring effect of the backlit berries and ice.”

We hope you appreciate the luminosity of these icy images as much as we do, making it clear again and again that nature is the finest artist imaginable, but that photography can often show it in a light that the human eye cannot perceive.

Click on the photos to see a larger image in original dimensions. Some images are cropped for layout in the gallery..


To see more of Daniel´s photography, please visit his photography gallery. You could also check out his Instagram gallery. To learn more about the other arts Daniel is involved in, visit his website. If you would like to listen to a sample of Daniel´s music, we suggest you visit this link. We have also added a short piece of his to our slideshow on Instagram.

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