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// Victor is a photo artist based in Madrid, Spain. Although he was initially mainly into street photography, the pandemic made him change direction, moving toward more experimental work. We present some of his series “fotografías negras” (black pictures).

When out photographing, Victor looks for special places at night, where lights and shadows and a special nocturnal audience coincide. When he began experimental photography it gave him very positive sensations and allowed him to develop all his creativity. His goal as a photographer is to continue experimenting, growing and finding new paths.

Victor´s work has been exhibited at the cultural center El Cerro, Moraleja de Enmedio in Madrid, at the Be Art Yoga center, Madrid, and in 2022 he has a solo online exhibition at Galerías 3D MundoArti, from February 1 to May 1, 2022.

His photo artwork “Tristeza” (sadness) from the series Fotografias Negras that we present here won first prize at the XXVIII photography contest El Casar de Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

“Art that is not based on feeling is not art.”

Paul Cézanne

What draws you to art?

“What attracts me most about art is the freedom to express what you feel in any way.”

What do you like best about this photographic project?

What impresses me most about the work done is how I manage to give the mannequin that human touch using lights and shadows, giving it that feeling of pain.”

The art portrait work that we are showing here and the exhibition that Victor is presenting is made with a mannequin, water and any device that gives light (flashlights, spotlights, etc.). “With a minimal retouch of editing, the main work is in taking the picture and where you and I can find that magic,” Victor says.

Victor´s very skillful use of light and shadow, motion, and work with contrast, makes for a very different “portrait” photography that astonishes and fascinates the viewer. We recommend also looking at his colour work on his website.

Some images may be cropped for layout. Click on the photos to see a larger version in original dimensions.


You could also visit Victor´s Instagram page and his website for more of his work. Victor is exhibiting this series in a beautiful virtual gallery, which you can visit here on Mundoarti.

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