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// Federico was born in Italy and is a widely travelled documentary photographer. He developed his career in photography between Argentina and the United States. Recently he has been exploring his own style of conceptual art photography. His project Sergei arose from this.

After graduating with a journalism degree and a photojournalism emphasis from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at ASU, Federico pursued a career as a documentary photojournalist, covering stories across the world for several international magazines.

Forced to stop travelling by the pandemic, he made the most out of the confinement phase by exploring a new direction in conceptual art photography but keeping a documentary approach.

“Places don’t really make the difference, it´s all about establishing a connection through
the camera as a means of communication.”

Federico Quintana

What draws you to the arts?

“As a photographer every form of art that I see stimulates my own creativity and helps in finding the courage to explore deeper in my creative soul.”

What do you like best about expanding into conceptual art photography?

“I am approaching conceptual art photography with a documentary trajectory. As opposed to photojournalism it allows me to slow down the photographic process and forces me to look deeply into the meaning of what I am trying to communicate. The sense of narrative comes to mind. It is necessary for me to remain true to my images but also to manifest my visual interpretation. As a result creating images with this approach is much more challenging as it intensifies the depth and understanding of the character and subject matter.”

Performing artists during the lockdown phase in Italy were amongst the most affected by the absence of work, the uncertainties of the future and the contradictions of the pandemic crisis at its peak. Federico´s project “Sergei” explores the challenges faced by a musician. The narrative explores life while confined within the home walls. A place that protects, but also oppresses.

Federico implemented this project under the mentorship and with the support of Magnum photographers Alessandra Sanguinetti and Gregory Halpern. It was meant to leave a record of a time that we all will never forget.

The images shown here are currently on view at the Venetian art gallery artespaziotempo, where you can see (and purchase) the works as large high quality prints until 6 November 2021.

Please note that the original images are high quality silver gelatin prints. Click on the photos to see larger images.


Visit Federico´s website and his Instagram gallery for more amazing photos. To learn more about Federico´s very interesting journalistic life, you can also read an interesting interview in the Pictorial Magazine.

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