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// Martine creates seemingly distant worlds, even as she stays at home with her camera. Her photographs are taken at a macro-level, images that have an ethereal cosmic appearance, but that originated from what she refers to as “culinary experiences”.

Martine is a self-taught photographer. Photography, for her, was a way to cope during the period of pandemic-induced confinement. She wanted to use this reality as a springboard, a source of inspiration. The way for her to live her daily life was to challenge herself to take one photo a day.

“My goal is to fully deploy myself in the world of photography and to continue having fun making cosmic soup,” she says.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

What draws you to the arts?

“What attracts me to the arts is the diversity of universes, this ability to create a world, a personal, intimate style. The fact of transcending the limits of the imagination, offering beauty, making emotions and feelings vibrate.”

What do you like best about your abstract photo art?

“This project is an invitation to deploy our imagination and push our limits. We are bound by the fact that we are all inhabitants of the vessel “earth”. Across these worlds, I long for our gaze to turn to “the cosmos and beyond”, for the infinity of the dark sky represents the common denominator of our humanity. Like a collective window, a path that we can walk in the same momentum, the same love, the same spirit beyond our differences or our beliefs.”

Martine´s approach was to observe the objects of her house in a new way, bringing her closer to their essence.

Gradually, the focal point of her inspiration turned out to be her food. She might be looking at the bottom of a bowl or the preparation of an omelet or experimenting with a somewhat “alchemical” process of mixing various and varied ingredients. The idea is to embark on an abstract, “stellar” journey where the imagination reigns supreme.

Ingredients such as eggs, soy sauce, honey, milk, molasses, turmeric, wine, sparkling water, blue matcha … and stoneware or glass utensils, abstract worlds appeared, confined (e.g. on a plate ) and at the same time revealing themselves to be vast (cosmic, spatial, elsewhere…). From this interpretation the name of her series was born: A near distant.

Images may be cropped for layout. Click on the photos to see a larger image with orginal proportions.


To see more of her photography visit Martine´s Instagram page.

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