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// Melanie is from Newcastle, Australia. Art has always been a big part of her life, having studied Fine Arts and majored in printmaking and painting. During a trip to Japan in 2018 she visited the Hakone Open-Air Museum, a vast outdoor gallery of modern sculptures and installations. She shared some of her photos of this very green art space with us.

After almost losing her life some years ago, as part of her rehabilitation Melanie picked up her camera again, and photography is now very much an escape from everyday life for her. Her photographs combine an observed realism with a touch of quirkiness. She likes finding humour or prettiness in an ordinary scene.

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

Dr. Seuss

What draws you to the arts?

“Art has always been a big part of my life. I studied Fine Arts and majored in printmaking and painting. I co-founded a 6 year old business representing Australian artisans. We also designed and made our own furniture. I have organised local artisan events. I have always been passionate about sharing my creative visions and supporting emerging artists. I can also play the tenor horn and trumpet.”

What impresses you most about the Hakone Open Air Museum?

“For me, a massive art lover and big fan of the sculptors Moore, Rodin, and artist/sculptor Picasso, this museum offers modern art like nothing I had ever seen before. It had been on my bucket list to visit since I was young, alongside seeing Mt Fuji. My only disappointment was with myself, for not allowing a full day to visit. I had squeezed it in after visiting Mt Fuji. So unfortunately my camera soon died after entering the museum and was only able to get a handful of photos. I definitely will go back again.”

The Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan is one of the most beautiful settings for an art museum. Its greatest attraction are the outdoor exhibits. The various works of art and sculptures are dotted across the grounds of 70,000 hectares with a stunning scenery of mountains and a lake. It includes about 100 masterpieces by modern and contemporary artists, including famous sculptors like Rodin, Bourdelle, Miro and one of the largest collections of sculptures by the English sculptor Henry Moore, who was of the opinion that sculpture should be displayed outdoors.

The Museum also houses a collection of over 300 works by Pablo Picasso, containing works made with a range of techniques, including painting, sculpture, tapestry, and gold and silver objects.

Melanie was at the Hakone museum on a crisp clear autumn afternoon, which painted the backdrop for the sculptures up in lovely sky blue and warm nature colours.

Click on the photos to see the full image.


To see more of her photography visit Melanie´s Instagram page. You can also look at her gallery on the Pictorial-List website. Melanie is also co-editor of Spectaculum Magazine and founder and chief editor of The Pictorial-List.


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