conceptual photography documentary photography Poland Wojciech Karliński


WOJCIECH KARLIŃSKI // Wojciech is a Polish photographer living in Kielce, Poland. He has been photographing from a very young age. In his personal work, he touches on the meaning of the human condition in urban spaces. Simple and obvious things can be beautiful or poetic. This is clearly visible in his series “Here”, where ordinary […]

Belarus conceptual photography contemporary art digital photo art experimental photography fine art photo art photo collage Poland Ukraine Victor Skurat


VICTOR SKURAT // Victor is a Minsk based photographer shooting mostly in black and white. His goal is to catch that fleeting beauty and the aesthetics of people and life around him. We are pleased to show a photo art series that is different from scenes he usually captures – he calls it “Mirrorness”.

Callie Eh fine art Poland tattoo art


CALLIE EH // For Callie Eh photography was a lifesaver. It picked her up at a difficult time in her life and has not let her go ever since. The photo series she shared with us is from her “Happiness Project” and shows a skilled, creative, and passionate tattoo artist, Michał Dudek, from Poland.