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// Danny is a passionate photographer from Canvey, Essex. He candidly captures quirky and beautiful moments around him. He happened to be at a blues evening by the Brixton blues singer Errol Linton, and we share some of his images from a night at One Night Records in South London.

Danny specialises in documentary, street and event photography. He would love to have a book published with either of his series “EccentriCity” or “This is Essex”, which you can see in his Instagram account.

“Stop It and Just DO.”

Jerry Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse
Advice on Overcoming Creative Blocks, written by Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse in 1965

What draws you to the arts?

“I love art of all kinds, I enjoy going to art galleries, the theatre, and concerts, I love to dance, and to sing, but photography is my passion. Photography is something that I’ve found that makes me feel happy, connected, and makes me see much more clearly.

What impressed you most about shooting this blues concert?

“I was really pleased with the look of the photos of Errol, it was very dark in the club and although I used flash on some shots, the close up shots were taken with a very large aperture and luckily the ISO stayed fairly low. I loved the energy of the dancers and I hope that came through in the photos.“

Errol Linton, a Brixton based Blues singer, has been playing the blues for almost thirty years. “…no other player on these damp isles has the individuality, the looseness, the beauty and wit, that informs Linton’s best music,” wrote Garth Cartwright (quoted on Linton´s website).

This was a very impromptu shoot at a jazz bar called One Night Records in South London. Errol Linton was playing that night, and Danny fortunately happened to have his camera with him. “It was all very spontaneous and I wasn’t sure how the pictures would come out, as I was slightly intoxicated,” he confides.

Well, we think the images came out intoxicatingly spectacular!

Images may be cropped for layout. Click on the photos to see the full image.

All photos © Danny Jackson

To see more of his photography visit Danny´s Instagram page.

We have previously featured Danny´s work of documenting the Classical Spectacular at Royal Albert Hall.

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