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// Carmen is a professional photographer at home in Feldkirch in Western Austria. She shared with us some of her takes on the artist Ceyhun Hanci´s quirky clay figurines. As you can see, she adds her own artistic element to them through her photography techniques.

Carmen attended the Prague Photo School for Applied and Artistic Photography in Linz, Austria. Her main job as a medical and scientific photographer in Austria is not creative, so she fulfills her need for creativity by producing other creative photo projects and taking on a variety of commissioned work.

“Das Licht ist mein Medium.
Die Wahrnehmung mein kreativer Spielraum.”

Carmen Graber

What draws you to art?

“We are both artistic, so art is a big part of our lives. The inspiration comes from life, when there is a new exhibition, we are happy to be there. We use every city trip to visit exhibitions and museums.”

What do you like best about this photographic project?

“I love the diversity of photography, so I don’t want to commit myself to any particular direction.”

The artist Ceyhun Hanci, who also happens to be Carmen´s partner, creates these wonderful little sculptures, which Carmen ended up merging with her photography.

Ceyhun Hanci was born in Istanbul and has been living in Feldkirch, Austria since 1992. Ceyhun is self-taught, his mainspring is the joy of artistic creation, his inspiration life itself. He has made a considerable number of sculptures of various kinds over time. “We’ve been together for 14 years and there’s never been a day that he hasn’t modeled a character – his ingenuity is inexhaustible,” Carmen says about Ceyhun.

The inspiration of his work comes from inside, completely detached from current specifications and contemporary trends. Initially, Ceyhun made sculptures out of white clay, but soon reached the limits in the course of his work. He is now working with polymer clay, which, due to its nature, is much better suited to converting his diverse, sometimes bizarre ideas into flowing forms.

Carmen adds her own artistic touch to Ceyhun´s works through her creative photography techniques. Hats off to this creative artist duo!

Click on the photos to see a larger version.


You could also visit Carmen´s Instagram page and her website for more of her work.

Ceyhun Hanci´s website, where you can see more of his sculpture art, and here is a nice slideshow about the artist and his figures.

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