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One year ago today we published our first feature. It was the second lock-down in Austria, when I dreamed up this project. Having always loved all the arts and photography, I wanted to create a platform that would provide a way to feature the work of arts photographers and creators of lens-based art. The idea of this magazine came to my mind in the shower — where else?

Putting this project into action is a labour of love, on which I spend many hours of the day, or, more often, night. It is the interaction with like-minded photographers, the little notes of appreciation, and the result that, for me, make it all worthwhile. Over the first year we published 100 full web magazine features and countless additional theme day features in our Instagram gallery, highlighting the work of emerging and well established photo artists.

And here we are, here I am, one year later, going strong. I look back at what we have published over the year, and it makes me happy to see the beauty of it. And so, it reaffirms my motivation to keep at it. I am grateful for the advice from our co-editor Mel and our graphic design consultant Maya (find them in the About section)

So go ahead, don´t be shy: if it is about the arts or considered photo art, submit your work, I guarantee that while not everything we get is published, every submission receives due consideration. Cheers to the love of art!

Karin, Founder and Editor

And here is a round-up of the first 100 delectable features.