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// Pooja is a visual artist, designer and photographer based in Delhi, India. Of all the visual arts, Pooja discovered that there is no better way for her to express her thoughts to the world than with photography. She shared with us a subset of  her stills from the film “Seeped”, for which she was the visual designer.

“Always be a poet, even in prose.”

Charles Baudelaire

What draws you to the arts?

“As English major I find love and meaning in between lines and pages of a book and I only hope to do the same with my photography. What truly draws me to the arts is the fact that there is a place in it for everything, for everyone. Art has the capacity to draw emotions from human beings unseen before; at the same time it has the ability to purge one from their pains, troubles and anxieties. Art for me has always been a safe haven. I’ve always loved the creative fields, be it paintings, poetry or even sports, there’s rhythm and art in everything. If I could I would spend hours reading poetry or walking through a museum. The fact and thought that I can create art that comforts and disturbs is an honour to me.

What did you like most about doing the visual design of this film?

“I think what I enjoyed the best about this film was the challenge to portrait the same emotion seen on film with words, songs and movements in my stills. I also  really enjoyed the comparison of one’s life to the art of recycled paper, the screenplay does so in a very smooth and beautiful manner.

The work you see here is a result of a weeklong shoot for the movie Seeped, coming in 2021, produced by Painted Tongue Productions. Pooja was working as the Visual Designer for the short film, which was made in the Aravali hills, and created and designed every single concept we see in these photographs.

Seeped is the story of a woman’s life and her growth that has been shown through the journey of paper. Each photograph is meant to inspire the viewer to question and reflect the way they live and function and to inspire them to search and find what really matters in life.  Pooja achieved this through the use of different props, such as burnt paper, different colours, e.g. the use of blues and greens in certain places, and a bright yellow in some, and lastly, with a hint of light play and shadows. 

The film is not out yet, but when it comes out, we will be sure to include a link to it here.

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