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// Greig studied photography at Northbrook, UK and has been involved in music all his life. In 2010 he began dedicating himself to music photography, working professionally as a freelancer since 2013. He shared a set of black and white photographs full of light and emotion from different rock concerts.

Greig has worked mostly with the rock, punk and metal genres and guitar based bands in general, and has seen his work published in the music press with his gig shots or band portraiture, including magazines such as Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Q mag, KERRANG! and even the BBC. He wants to infuse the timeless qualities of yesteryear´s street photographers´ work into his own photography and to bring it into his music photography. Although most of his live work is made with digital cameras Greig still likes to use film occasionally. He likes his digital images to have a similar gritty look to match the raw nature of the music of the artists in his photographs.

“They look as good as they sound, and they sound fantastic.”

Greig Clifford

What draws you to the arts?

“Art, in whatever form it takes, is a window into humanity. If aliens wanted to learn about humankind, just look at the art we make, through song, words, visuals, or any other medium. We create things that did not previously exist, would never have existed were it not for a mind to do so, to express ourselves, thoughts, ideas and feelings. We always have done, since the stone-age and before. As life around us changes, so our art reflects the changes, both technologically and idealistically. It’s a constant source of fascination and inspiration to me and it feels natural to want to add my own mark too.

What impressed you most about the musical performances you photographed?

“These images are mostly a selection that I think show the energy and intensity of such intangible moments, raw and direct in black and white. Even so, there are a few shots where the mask is an important theatrical prop that allows the audience to escape the reality of the mundane… I like that too.“

Large stage concerts with all the sweeping coloured lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and impressive effects make for amazing photographs, and Greig admires those arena photographers who catch the spectacle in all its glory. For his own photography, he finds that these large stage shows can form a distraction from the thing that really interests him, the human element. He is fascinated by raw feelings and emotions, often fleeting because people tend to keep them held within.

Music, Greig says, has the power to bring out those feelings and he loves to catch those moments, whether it be happiness, sadness, love, hate, anger, pride, or even a simple moment of satisfied contentment. He hopes that his photographs make a connection with the viewer in a similar way.

We certainly think they do.

Click on the photos to see the full image.

Bands in these pictures, from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Rider
  2. Ollie Dogg (with Blackfoot Gypsies)
  3. Wednesday 13 
  4. Gojira
  5. Decapitated
  6. The Defiled
  7. Feed The Rhino
  8. The Pit (at a gig by The Chariot)
  9. Kvelertak

To see more of his photography visit Greig´s Instagram page.

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